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March 3, 2009: 3 Minutes for Peace Day, National Sleep Day, I Want You to Be Happy Day, Minnie the Moocher's Birthday, National Forgiveness Day, National Sportsmanship Day

Details on these days — and 18,500 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

Note: Celebrate New Year's Day every month of the year. Check out:

In this issue . . .
-- free polls and online chats
-- more Twitter tools and resources
-- Women Webinars
-- Words Matter Week free teleseminars
-- relaunched
-- Tell Your Life Story
-- Book Marketing Bestsellers blog posts you should read . . .

free polls and online chats
The following web service allows you to create free widgets to run a web-based poll, site counter, or online chat. Check it out here:

99 Widgets: — Offers widgets for polls
(, counters (,
chat rooms (, with more coming soon.

Below is a poll I created to ask you and visitors to my website what they would like to see in this newsletter. Note: If you are not viewing this newsletter in HTML format, you probably won't see the poll widget right below this sentence.

Follow the results of this poll over time by going to this website: You can vote at this website as
well if you don't see the widget above.

more Twitter tools and resources
In the past I've been a passive supporter of Twitter and other social networks because they can easily become time suckers.

But the neat thing about Twitter right now is that hundreds of people have created Twitter tools and services that make it easier and quicker to use Twitter effectively. I've created a list of the most interesting and useful tools at

Here are a few of my favorite Twitter tools: — Allows users to post to many different social networks with one post. You can also post to via email.

Tweet Later: — Allows you to post tweets to be sent later as well as to send automatic messages every time someone new follows you? Users can set up Tweets to happen later on in the day, week, or month. Also allows you to set up Twitter alerts for any keywords, people, companies, etc. that you want to track. Alerts are sent to you via email. Also allows you to auto follow those who follow you and send them a welcome message. Finally, if you have multiple Twitter accounts, it allows you to tweet to one or more accounts at the same time (I use this to tweet quotes I like to more than one account). Their free service allows you to do all this.

Their new professional service allows you to direct message all your followers, integrates, schedule @replies and direct messages, and read and post to all your Twitter accounts at once.

Who Should I Follow?: — Enter your Twitter user name, and it will suggest people you might want to follow. Really the best tool for finding people to follow on Twitter.

Be sure to follow John Kremer on Twitter:

Women Webinars
Mary Wilhite organizes a weekly webinar for women. If you have a book or author that might interest women, contact her with suggestions for a webinar. Women Webinars, Mary Wilhite, 3760 Sixes Road #126-130, Canton GA 30114; 770-928-8002; Cell: 678-410-6552. Email: Web:

Words Matter Week, free telesemianrs
Want to hear some great free teleseminars on words and writing? Then
check out:
masterId=39841&cmd=tc. These free teleseminars are held to celebrate
Words Matter Week.

Note: I'll be speaking on marketing books and services on Wednesday, March 4th, at 3:30 p.m. Eastern; 12:30 p.m. Pacific, for one hour.
John Kremer on Book Marketing: Wednesday, 3:30 p.m. Eastern relaunched
To celebrate the relaunch of on March 1st, they are
offering a special package. For a very limited time, writers who are accepted will receive a Grade A line edit from a former editor at a major publishing company, plus their query letter service (which includes a guarantee of at least 10 agents requesting to see the manuscript or book proposal). They are offering this $1,800 service for only $750.

They are not accepting just anyone. To submit your manuscript for review, email and put JOHN KREMER SPECIAL in the subject heading. That will get your manuscript priority handling.

Tell Your Life Story
Gumbo Writers is also offering a new service. Do you know a friend that would benefit from telling their life story in a book? If so, check out this new service:

Gumbo Writers records an interview with the person, has it transcribed, then hires a credible journalist to rewrite the story, then professionally edits the story (by an editor from a major publishing house).

The cost for this service is $4,000 (with an optional monthly payment plan of $400 per month). The person ends up with a credible well-edited book telling the story of his or her life.

Additional a la carte services include pitching the book to agents, having the book independently published, book cover design, printing, and more.

For details, contact Jeff Rivera at

Book Marketing Bestsellers blog posts you should read . . .
Here are a few of my recent blog posts that you should read if you have not done so yet:

Marlon Sander's 21-Step Cheat Sheet to Profiting from Twitter:

What Bookstore Sells More Books? - A Revealing Story:

Now This Is Customer Service:

A Quick and Easy way to Make Videos by Typing: http://blog.bookmarket.

You can also read the Twitter posts I've made recently. Some of them lead you to incredible resources.

Quotable Books
The only time you’re safe in your life is when your heart is open.
— Arnold Patent, author, Living with an Open Heart

Click on the above book cover to order this great collection as a Word ebook for only $7.00.

More great quotes and quotable books at

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