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May 28, 2009: BookExpo America in New York City from Friday through Sunday

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In this issue . . .
-- Englewood Review of Books
-- specialty retailers
-- Red-Hot feedback
-- Rocket Builders business books review
-- Tracking promotional results
-- Cossman Home Study Program

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Englewood Review of Books
The Englewood Review of Books is a weekly print/online review of recent books for a diverse Christian audience. Half the books they review are from outside the Christian market. They are currently interested in reviewing books related to nature, environmental issues, food, cooking and agriculture. Send review copies and other info to the editor at The Englewood Review of Books, Christopher Smith, Editor, 57 N. Rural Street, Indianapolis IN 46201; 317-639-1541; Fax: 317-639-3447. Email: Web:

Note: I don't know the size of their audience or how many books they review each issue.

specialty retailers
Here are some more specialty retailers who stock books as well as gifts:

Blossoms Organic Garden Center, P O Box 2589, Rancho De Taos, New Mexico; 575-758-1330; Fax: 575-758-4428. Email: Garden books, practical and decorative.

The Explore Store, The Children's Museum, 950 Trout Brook Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut 06119; 860-231-2824; Fax: 860-232-0705. Email: Web: http://www.thechildrensmuseum Features books and gifts about nature, science, astronomy, children's nonfiction, etc. Also science kits, toys, etc.

4 Corners Knitting, Dale and Wendy Kaufman, 22 Main Street, Narrowsburg, New York 12764; 845-252-3688. Email: Web: Yarn, knitting supplies, and books. Used to carry poetry books as well. Might still do that for special books.

New England Air Museum Gift Shop, Gina Maria Alimberti, Manager, Bradley International Airport, 36 Perimeter Road, Windsor Locks, Connecticut 06096; 860-623-3305; Fax: 860-627-2820. Email: Web: Airplane-related books and gifts.

Northwest Park & Nature Center Gift Shop, 145 Lang Road, P O Box 773, Windsor, Connecticut 06095; 860-285-1886; Fax: 860-925-6291. Email: Web: Nature gifts, products, and books.

Wings, 4500 4th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33703; 727-522-6657; Fax: 727-329-9274. Web: Twitter: @wingsbookstore. A mind/body/spirit bookstore associated with the First Unity church in St. Petersburg.

Red-Hot feedback
One author recently signed up for my Red-Hot special offer for the Ten Million Eyeballs course. Almost immediately, certainly before he had a chance to really review the program, he asked for a refund. Here's what he wrote to me:

Are you kidding me!?!?

197 bucks for How to Build Real Relationships with Key Websites, Bloggers, and Ezines; Give Away Free Stuff to Build More Internet Traffic, and Using Joint Ventures to Create Massive Traffic?

None of this is exactly Movietone News 2009.

I've been doing this kind of stuff since 1998, so I'm not exactly a newbie - which this program seems to be aimed at.

I expected much more powerful, up-to-date stuff.

Please issue a refund.

In responding to him, I first pointed out that there are three additional lessons in the Ten Million Eyeballs program that I'm still working on. Plus tons of details even in the three existing lessons that he could not have had time to even watch or read. He read the titles and said he already knew all that.

Well, the truth is that I have designed the Ten Million Eyeballs course to be easy. Those first three lessons do teach some basic stuff, but the key lessons are in the details on how to do it right. Sure, anyone could be giving stuff away free on the Internet, but how many are doing it in a way that brings millions of eyeballs? That's the key.

In doing some research, I checked out this man's websites. One had an Alexa rank in the 19 millions; another ranked at 4,004,315, several others had no data (probably too new?). If he's been doing the three things described above, his sites should rank much higher. According to his LinkedIn profile, he apparently worked for another company during the past ten years, but I couldn't find many details about that company (at least from how he described it in LinkedIn).

When I searched for his name, I found a new blog with one post, a JacketFlap page with minimal info and one BookLocker book listed, a LinkedIn page, a Fast Company page with very minimal info, an Ezine Articles post of one article, several other sites with 1 to 7 articles, a Twitter profile with 2 followers and 7 posts, and no Facebook profile.

Obviously, he has not been using the simple yet effective techniques I teach in those first three lessons, much less the more advanced techniques I'll be teaching in the final three lessons.

This is one of the tough things you all will discover as you sell things online or off: People skim a book or product and make a decision based on that little bit of skimming whether to make the purchase or stick with it.

This customer read the titles of the first three lessons and decided to ask for a refund without actually exploring what was contained in those three lessons. Sadly, he could have used those lessons to learn how to boost his profile on the Internet.

Rocket Builders business books review
Reg Nordman reviews business books for his blog which is read by a select group of CEOs (primarily Canadian). In addition to posting the review to his blog, he also posts it to, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In addition, many newspapers also feature his reviews.

Contact Reg at Rocket Builders, 1275 West 6th Avenue #300, Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1A6, Canada; Cell: 604-812-7073. Twitter: @regnordman. Email: Web: Tracking promotional results
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is looking to start building a repository of information on the effectiveness of various marketing, advertising, and review services. They do this by tracking the hourly sales rank of a book or books before, during, and after a promotion (blog review, press release, etc.). They are looking for published authors who are planning some form of book promotion. They will provide complimentary subscriptions for a month or so to anyone who wants to see the effect of a given initiative.

If you are interested in this free test, email

For more information (they also have Amazon tracking widgets), check out

Cossman Home Study Program
The son and grandson of mail order great Joseph Cossman are now offering his complete Cossman Home Study Program via a new website: A step-by-step guide to building a business, this course also includes 37 ways to find products and services and 29 ways to market your product or service.

Quotable Books
I believe you are your work. Don't trade the stuff of your life, time, for nothing more than dollars. That's a rotten bargain. Rita Mae Brown, playwright

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