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June 29, 2009: Apple iPhone Birthday, Runic New Year, Remote Control Birthday, National Camera Day, Fisherman's Birthday, National Forest Service Birthday

Details on these days — and 18,800 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- Book 'Em, Daniel: A report from BookExpo America
-- specialty retailers
-- happy books for Happiness Happens Month
-- Conscious Media Radio Tours
-- promoting novels with a flash game ... another story

Book 'Em, Daniel: A report from BookExpo America
Syndicated columnist Michael J. Herman contributed a report on the BEA trade show that was held a few weeks ago in New York City. You can read the full report here:

specialty retailers
Here are some more specialty retailers who stock books as well as gifts:

Batiks Etcetera & Sew What Fabrics, 460 E Main Street, Wytheville,
Virginia 24382; 276-228-6400. Web: Features
quilts, fabrics, books, notions, and classes.

Beadsburg, 303 Depot Street West, Building 101, Christiansburg, Virginia 24073; 640-394-3340. Beading supplies and books.

Canbria Toy Station, Dorsett Publications, 630 Depot Street NE, Christiansburg, Virginia 24073; 540-382-6431. Email: dorsett
. Web:
Wood toys, educational toys, puppets, activity books.

Crystal Dove, 525 Central NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102; 505-842-5265. Email: Web: Mind/body/spirit books, tapes, gifts, and classes.

Currier Museum of Art, Museum Shop, 150 Ash Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 03104. Web: Features art books, gifts, posters, and more.

The Herb Stop, 4004 N Highway 87, Pine, Arizona 85544; 928-476-4144; 877-345-HERB. Web: 2nd location: 2117 Sudderth Drive #7, Ruidoso, New Mexico 88345; 575-257-0333. Herbal lotions, teas, and books.

Orchardside Farm Yarn Shop, Attn: Carole, 273 Raphine Road, Raphine, Virginia 24472; 540-348-5220. Email: Web: Yarns, patterns, books, etc.

Renaissance Christian Store, 216 S Main Street, Cleburne, Texas 76033; 817-645-1155. Religious books and gifts.

Safari Gift Shop, Natural Bridge Zoo, 5784 S Lee Highway, P O Box 88, Natural Bridge, Virginia 24578; 540-291-2420; Fax: 540-291-1891. Web: Features gifts, souvenirs, books, etc.

The Toy Museum at Natural Bridge, Gift Shop, P O Box 87, Natural Bridge, Virginia 24578; 540-291-9920. Email:
Web: http://www.awesometoymuseumcom. Features toys, gifts, books for children. The museum itself features the world's largest collection of childhood memorabilia.

happy books for Happiness Happens Month
The Secret Society of Happy People are working on a list of happy happy books to recommended for their 10th annual Happiness Happens Month in August. During August, they “hope to engage people in discussions about everything happy: moments, philosophy, how to’s, pick me up’s, science, quotes, art, movies, books...simply everything happy” via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc.

To submit titles for consideration before August, email Pamela Gail Johnson at Web:

Conscious Media Radio Tours
Jackie Lapin of Conscious Media Relations is now offering Conscious Media Radio Tours that features you and your book to more than 700 broadcast radio shows and Internet radio shows that focus on mind/body/spirit books, products, and ideas.

In describing her tour package, she told me about some of the authors who could benefit from her radio tour package . . .

* Your publisher doesn't have the manpower or willingness to reach out beyond the normal list of book reviewers.

* You have a book that has stalled in sales and you're wondering what to do next.

* You have a book or product that you can't wait to launch to a targeted, willing audience.

* You want to build relationships with receptive radio hosts around the country.

* You don't have the resources for a city-by-city book tour.

* You don't have enough people in your email list to get the word of mouth going on your book.

“Jackie Lapin has assembled an amazing database of radio and Internet talk show hosts WHO ARE LOOKING to talk to self-help and spiritual authors. She has kept me so busy with interviews that I barely have time to breathe!" --Arielle Ford, author The Soulmate Secret

If you are interested, Jackie is offering a special $1,000 discount off the Conscious Media Radio Tour Package for the next ten people who sign up in the next week. Check out her program at:

promoting novels with a flash game ... another story
Below is a email note I received from Allan Miller, co-author of The
series. An intriguing attempt:

Your "Promoting a novel with a flash video game" feature caught my eye. I'm very interested in hearing how its success is measured as this is something we have done with our own book series. Also, it got me wondering if you would ever like to take a look at the online promotion techniques we've been employing using a combination of a more content-centric flash game and an active online community?

The Codebearers Series (, is our YA fantasy fiction series, the first of which is titled Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow. Our flash gameplay is modeled off of the classic Myst-type approach of visual puzzles/riddles. The Codebearer Challenges, as we call them, tie into the storyline giving readers a chance to interact with the title character, Hunter, as he leads you through challenges that eventually give you some insider information into a key piece of the second book's storyline (a letter he will receive). So, in a way, it's sort of a in-between stories gameplay.

A key component to the gameplay is the chance to be earning points towards a periodic prize giveaway (last December we gave away a $400 BestBuy gift card for first prize.) We also extend point-earning to reward readers for posting book reviews on other retail websites and blogs as well as for recruiting friends to join the Codebearer community.

Since releasing in summer 2008, we have attracted around 2,300+ members. Each member can setup a private or public profile and interact with other members on our forums.

One of the best parts of having the community is that we have a direct way to contact our readers with related news or new products. This will be especially appreciated when our 2nd book hits the market 9/9/09 (here's hoping!)

One thing I took away from your highlight of the "Devil's Island" game, was the idea that we should be promoting the game outside of our own website or our publisher's. I've been wanting to find the best places to do that... so if you have suggestions, we're all ears.

John's Comments: Looks like a great idea. Having 2,300 involved players is a great way to build a community that will be breathless while waiting for the next book in the series.

Where do you go to connect with other websites? The answer isn't short. It's all the content from Lesson One of my Ten Million Eyeballs course on Internet marketing. That lesson took 8 videos (5 to 6 hours) and written reports to explain fully how anyone can connect with key websites that have the audience you want to reach.

I'll also be teaching how to create relationships with high-traffic websites during the Ten Million Eyeballs seminar in Denver at the end of July:

Quotable Books
Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. — Anais Nin, novelist

Click on the above book cover to order this great collection as a Word ebook for only $7.00.

More great quotes and quotable books at

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