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October 29, 2009: National Cat Day, National Oatmeal Day, Biographies Are Beautiful Day, College Fraternity Day

Details on these days and 18,800 others! can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- Kindle, Sony Reader, and ebooks formatting
-- Flying Pen Press specialty imprint featuring platforms
-- John Kremer's teleseminar series
-- local newspapers and magazines
-- Twitter tip helps author - update

Kindle, Sony Reader, and ebooks formatting
Reader question: As always I LOVE your weekly tips! This email is for a request FOR a tip from you. It seems e-book readers are making a fast paced entry into the market. With Amazon's Kindle and Sony readers at the starting line, now Best Buy & Verizon and Barnes and Noble are quickly moving into place for the you have a tip on who to query and how to do so for e-book versions of our books? Any advice or insight as to how and whom could be possible contacts to get our books marketed along with the big boys?

John's answer: You really don't need to query anyone. There are a number of companies that will format your book for whatever new e-reader formats that come out. The cost of such conversions is generally under $500.

As for marketing your ebooks, there are no secrets for competing against the big boys. You market ebook versions just like print versions: publicity, speaking, direct mail, online marketing, etc. Every ebook store will stock your ebook (they all want to be the most complete stores).

Having said that, I believe that most of these ebook formats will go the way of the dodo bird as soon as Apple comes out with its new tablet computer (predicted to be a blend between an iPhone and a netbook computer). A better designed Kindle with full color and cool apps. Who would want a one-function reader versus a cool tablet computer? Once the Apple tablet comes out, you will need only one ebook format: the one Apple chooses.

Flying Pen Press specialty imprint featuring platforms
Flying Pen Press is looking to add imprints for established platforms. These include imprints for popular personalities, bloggers, organizations, and bookstores. Flying Pen Press creates books that the platform owner approves, and the platform owner earns a fee for each book sold. The goal is to match writers and books with platforms and brands to enhance the marketing of the books.

To learn more about these special imprints, contact David Rozansky via email at or by calling 303-375-0499. Web:

Local newspapers and magazines
Here are a few of the special-interest local newspapers and magazines I discovered during my trip to Arizona, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas several weeks ago:

Awareness, 5753-G Santa Ana Canyon Road #582, Anaheim, California 92807; 714-283-3385; Fax: 714-283-3389. Email: info@awarenessmag. com. Web: New age magazine.

  • Darby Davis, Editor
  • Sonia von Matt Stoddard, book reviewer
  • Kathy De Santis, book reviewer
  • Lyda Whiting, kid's reviewer

Inside Outside Southwest, P O Drawer A, Durango, Colorado 81302; 970-375-4538. Email: Web: http://www.inside Monthly magazine features regional travel, nature, etc. Also features articles from book authors.

  • Jan Nesset, Editor

L.A. Tails, 866-803-TAILS; Fax: 773-561-3030. Email: Web: Monthly pet newspaper for Los Angeles. Note: other Tails magazines are published in Boston, Chicago, New York, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, and St. Louis. The October issue featured mini-reviews of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care and Paws & Effect.

Mountain Gazette, SKRAM Media, 1260 Yellow Pine Avenue, Boulder, Colorado 80304; 303-225-4628; Fax: 303-417-1371. Web: http://www. Monthly regional magazine covering the Rocky Mountain area.

  • M. John Fayhee, Editor. Email:
  • Brendan Leonard, book reviewer, Mountain Media. Email: In October, he reviewed Royal
    Robbins's memoir, To Be Brave, and the No Impact Man movie.
  • Peter Kray, Gear/Poetry Editor
  • Luke Laeser, Online Editor

Mountain Living Magazine, 1751 S Thompson Street, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001; 928-779-1877; Fax: 928-773-1934. Web: A monthly magazine featuring lifestyle and leisure info for Flagstaff. In the October issue, they reviewer Fredrick Swanson's biography, Dave Rust: A Life in the Canyons.

  • Seth Muller, Editor; 928-913-8668

Natural Awakenings, Phoenix, P O Box 93566, Phoenix, Arizona 85070; 480-488-9237; Fax: 602-357-7473. Web: This monthly new age magazine features articles from book authors.

  • Eric Sells, Editor and publisher

Natural Awakenings, Santa Fe, 40 E Via Plaza Nueva, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507; 505-424-1515. Email: publishernnm@naturalawakeningsmag. com. This monthly new age magazine features articles from book authors.

  • S. Alison Chabonais and Erin Floresca, Editors

Prime Time Monthly News, Mirror Image Inc., 925 Luna Circle NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102; 505-880-0470. Email: primeedit@swcp. com. Web: Monthly magazine for seniors.

  • Barbara Armijo, Managing Editor

Sweat Magazine, 5743 E Thomas #2, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251; 480-947-3900; Fax: 480-947-1215. Email: Web: Features exercise articles from a number of book authors.

Twitter tip helps author - update
In last week's newsletter, I featured an email from a reader thanking me for a tip on following journalists on Twitter.

I used your tip to follow journalists on Twitter in my niche audience (Food). I received a direct message from Bill Daley, Food & Wine Critic of the Chicago Tribune. He just happened to be writing an article on Fall Entertaining and received my follow. He asked me for content for the article and I gave him some of my best tips. The article was featured in the Food Section of the Chicago Tribune. - Patricia Mendez, author, Easy Entertaining for Beginners

As a follow-up to that note from last week, a reader asked for more details on the tip. Here is my response:

The tip was to follow journalists on Twitter. Just that. Because they will often follow you back. And that can make a difference. And, of course, they might also check out your Twitter profile and contact you for a story.

To find reporters, editors, and other media people to follow, you can use the Twitter search function. Or, better yet, use some of the Twitter resources at

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