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December 28, 2009: Chewing Gum Birthday,
Day of Genius, National Chocolate Day,
Festival of Fools, Red Ears Day, NCAA Birthday,
National Quilter's Day, Card Playing Day

Details on these days and 18,800 others! can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- Free publishing seminar from John Kremer & friends - Happy Holidays!
-- Some very valuable tweets you might have missed
-- specialty retailers
-- Query Letter Contest
-- The Costco Connection

Free holiday seminars: John Kremer & friends
As part of my weekly Friends You Should Know teleseminar series, I'm
offering readers of this newsletter a free teleseminar.

You can listen in free to the interview I did last week with Bill Quain,
bestselling author of Pro-Sumer Power (over a million books sold!) and
Reclaiming the American Dream. We covered some great points about
how you can create and market bestselling books.

Listen in or download a free MP3:

No signup required to listen in. No cash. Nothing. Just free.


Just a note of appreciation for your teleseminar series. What I've found
so valuable about the teleseminars is that they not only teach how to
market books generally, but they also allow me to ask a current expert
on the telephone questions about how to market MY book. That is so
unique and valuable.
- Jim Wawro, author, Ask Your Inner Voice

If you'd like to take part in this informative series of teleseminars, you
can sign up for less than $1 per seminar here:

For more information on the people and topics for upcoming teleseminars,
click here:

Some valuable tweets you might have missed
Here are some of my recent tweets that I think you will find incredibly
valuable or informative:

-- The future of books, and we're not talking plain old ebooks: Great vision.

-- Publicity ideas, social media tips and self-promotion tools from the
Publicity Hound -

-- Celebrate Procrastinator's New Year on January 15, 2010 - 50 more new year's days coming up:

-- The future of computers at $75. I can't wait. Fantastic:

-- Looking for a good book printer? Check out

-- Book signing tips: More than 590 people have already clicked on this link. Amazing.

-- Check the list of business book editors/publishers at

-- 50 Best Free Book Apps for Your iPhone

specialty retailers
Here are a few specialty retailers who sell books as well as gifts, DVDs,
videos, supplies, and related items.

Black American West Museum Bookstore, 3091 California Street, Denver CO 80205; 303-482-2242; Fax: 303-382-1981. Web: Features books about the Old West, Black Americans, and related history.

Boatique Gift Store, Rochelle Bachman, Buyer, The Wildlife Experience Museum, 10035 S Peoria, Parker CO 80134; 720-488-3306; Fax: 720-488-
3399. Email: Web:
Features books, clothing, DVDs, gifts, and more.

Denver Art Museum Shop, 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver CO 80204; 720-865-4488. Web: Features art books, gifts, etc.

Denver Firefighters Museum Gift Shop, 1326 Tremont Place, Denver CO 80204; 303-892-1436; 888-632-7085; Fax: 303-893-4835. Web: Features firefighting books, gifts, toys, and apparel.

Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys Gift Shop, Deanna Thomas, Shop Manager, 1880 Gaylord Street, Denver CO 80206; 303-322-1053; Fax: 303-322-3407. Email: Web: Offers plush, toys, miniatures, dolls, books, and other gifts.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Museum Store, 2001 Colorado
Boulevard, Denver CO 80205; 303-370-6366. Web:
Offers books, science kits, toys, gifts, DVDs, and more.

Forney Museum of Transportation Gift Shop, 4303 Brighton Boulevard,
Denver CO 80216; 303-297-1113. Email: Web: Features transport-related gifts, books, videos, and collectibles (automobiles, plains, trains).

Query Letter Contest
In celebration of the new year, will be giving away 10 free query letter services. If you win, they will write a winning query letter for you and then send it out to appropriate literary agents. This service normally costs $900. "We've had a 100% success rate of writers receiving at least 10 top literary agent request for their manuscripts."

Enter their 2010 contest here:

The Costco Connection
The Costco Connection is the monthly newsletter sent out to Costco customers. They feature many books in this newsletter, both as reviews and as paid advertisements. Note: They won't feature any books that they don't also carry in their stores. But they do interview authors whose books might not be carried in the stores.

Send info The Costco Connection, Costco Wholesale, P O Box 34088, Seattle WA 98124-1088. Street: 999 Lake Drive, Issaquah WA 98027. Fax: 425-313-6718. Email:

  • David W. Fuller, Editor; 425-313-8510. Email:
  • Tim Talevich, Managing Editor, Books; 425-313-6759. Email:
  • David Wight, Online Editor. Email:
  • David Horowitz, columnist, Ask David Horowitz (and author of many consumer books)
  • Suze Orman, columnist, Ask Suze Orman (answer financial questions)
  • Marc Saltzman, columnist, Ask Marc Saltzman (answers tech and computer questions)

Here are the names of some of the authors who have written articles in the November or December 2009 issues:

Steven Van Yoder, author, Get Slightly Famous
Bella DePaulo, author, Singled Out
Rhonda Abrams, publisher, The Planning Shop
Eva Shaw, ghostwriter of memoirs
Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz, authors of You Having a Baby
Wally Amos, author of Watermelon Magic, etc.
Mitch Albom, author, Have a Little Faith
Natalie MacLean, author, Red, White, and Drunk All Over

Here are some of the books featured in recent issues: Michael Crichton's Pirate Latitudes; David Plouffe's The Audacity to Win; Greg Mortenson's Stones into Schools; Joel Osteen's It's Your Time; James Wesley Rawles' How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It; Mike Huckabee's Do the Right Thing; Martin Gross' National Suicide; Jane O'Connor's Fancy Nancy; Ginette Mathiot's I Know How to Cook; Mark Mazower's Hitler's Empire; Charles Esdaile's Napoleon's Wars; Steven Levitt and Sephen Dubner's SuperFreakonomics; and Sarah Palin's Going Rogue.

Also Dr. Seuss books, Brain Quest, classic storybooks, and Play-a-Song
children's books.

Here are some of the authors featured in recent articles: Jeff Keenan, co-author of Our Day to End Poverty; Kathleen Flinn, author of The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry; Cynthia Hart, author of Tell Me Your Story; and Ying Chang Compestine, author of Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party.

Costco Book Buyers

Pennie Clark Ianniciello, Book Buyer. Recommended Barbara Kingsolver's
The Lacuna and Sue Grafton's U Is for Undercover.

Melissa McMeekin, Assistant Book Buyer. Recommended Ruth Reichl's
Gourmet Today and Guy Fieri's More Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

Jonna Erickson, Assistant Book Buyer. Recommended Art for Obama, edited by Shepard Fairy and Jennifer Gross; and Janice Y.K. Lee's The Piano Teacher.

Shana Rawers, Assistant Book Buyer. Recommended the following novels:
Nora Roberts' Bed of Roses; Louis L'Amour's Collected Short Stories; Alice
Sebold's The Lovely Bones, and Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in the Rain.

Scott Losse, inventory control specialist, books. Recommended Josh Bazell's debut novel Beat the Reaper.

You can contact the buyers via the address above. Pennie is the main buyer and decision maker.

Quotable Books
I always paint my own reality. Frida Kahlo, artist

More great quotes and quotable books at

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