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January 25, 2010: A Room of One's Own Day, Emmy Awards Birthday, First Winter Olympics, Hugging Blacklist Day, iLife Software Birthday

Details on these days — and 18,800 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
-- Author to give away 1 million copies
-- AOL: It's going to need help - An update
-- Tweets you don't want to miss
-- Speaking: Converting Your Passion into Profit
-- Word Search Puzzle - Note copyright change
-- How to Sell Your Novel Like a Pro
-- Get your memoir reviewed

Author to give away 1 million copies
Joyce Schneider, author of Chili and Chocolate Cake, wants to give away a million copies of her book. She'll use Facebook and videos to promote her giveaway. She used to create the following video:

Animoto allows you to create 30-second videos for free. For $30 per year, you can upgrade service to allow longer videos.

To participate in the million-copy giveaway:

AOL: It's going to need help - An update
AOL's CEO Tim Armstrong has a new market strategy. He want the AOL brand is to become the top creator of digital content on the web. Now here's the key: AOL will need help. They will need content creators.

Elaine Luddy Klonicki, author of All on Account of You: A True WWII Love Story, send me an article that details at least one way right now where you can help AOL build content (with AOL asking for 2,000 submissions every month!). It's from a Good Morning America segment:

Tweets you don't want to miss
Here are a few more John Kremer-related tweets you might find of value:

RT @BobBurg {Agreed!} RT @JacquesWerth: @smoothsale A few 100
dollars $$ of @JohnKremer s book marketing advice have returned tens
of thousands to me.

Twitter 140 Conference in New York City, April 20-21. Details:

LogoMyWay: - Allows you to connect with
artists who could create a new logo, t-shirt design, business cards, etc.

50 ways to tweet now 151 Ways to Tweet:

RT @draccah Good summary - What Does Future Hold for Writers?
Predictions for 2010-2020:

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. -
cowboy truisms #funny

Speaking: Converting Your Passion into Profit
January 27th - Joel Bauer, founder of, author of How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to Be Persuaded. Topic: Speaking -Converting Your Passion into Profit: How to Close and Make Sales.

If you'd like to take part in this informative series of teleseminars, you can sign up for less than $1 per seminar here:

For more information on the people and topics for upcoming teleseminars, click here:

Word Search Puzzle - Note copyright change
Here are the answers from last week's puzzle:

articles (down left crossways near bottom)
blogging (downwards right column)
booktours (up left crossways near top)
contests (up right crossways near top)
ezines (down right crowways near bottom)
freemium (backwords, line 10)
jointventures (frontwards, line 9)
radio (downwards 3rd right column)
reviews (frontwards, line 12)
signings (upwards 2nd right column)
speaking (down right crossways near top)

Please Note: I did not check the copyright notice for the puzzle-making
website from last week. Apparently, you can use the puzzles only for classroom uses. Alas. My apologies for not digging deeper into this.

Here is feedback from a reader of this newsletter:

I use the puzzlemaker site for my study guides. I hadn't thought of it to be used for other things - because of it being "educational" - I just figured teachers and people like me who need a decent puzzle maker by a trusted company know about it. Since I'm doing an educational series, geography, the puzzles are handy fun ways to keep things different for the study guides. So far, I've used the criss cross, the word search, the cryptogram, the fallen phrase puzzle and double puzzle - which will be the five I'll use throughout the series, mixing them up from book to book. -- Elysabeth Eldering

How to Sell Your Novel Like a Pro
I just created a new program called How to Sell Your Novel Like a Pro
- Advice to First-Time Authors Who Want to Become Bestselling
Novelists (or Children’s Book Authors

This is a multi-media course on how to market novels and children's fiction/ picture books. It includes a beautiful 200+ page ebook, a 4-hour seminar audio, 4 other audios, and at least 3 Q&A teleseminars where you'll be able to ask questions related to marketing your novel. Only $127.00.

Note: When you buy this program, you will also get all the updates to the book, audios, and related materials.

Testimonial for
I received the following email from some nice folks this past week . . .

You probably get a heap of these emails but we would just like to sincerely thank you for the information you produce in your newsletter (and website).

The publishing world (and authors) are constantly bombarded with varying opinions and suggestions for marketing, certainly enough to make us worry that we are not doing enough.

So we decided 2 years ago to use as our main guiding light (and your book 1001 Ways to Market Your Books). What a profound and sensible decision it was. It has allowed us to continue to build our brand image and increase much so that we have now brought all our spiritual books for children to the US, UK, and Europe (from Australia).

-- Julie-Ann Harper and Nicole Lucey, co-directors, Pick-A-WooWoo Publishers, Nannup, Australia

Get your memoir reviewed at
Get your memoir reviewed or listed at the Internet's largest listing of memoirs: Also features memoir reviews and synopses.

Quotable Books
Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It's about learning to
dance in the rain! - Vivian Greene

More great quotes and quotable books at

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