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August 18, 2010: Bad Poetry Day, Helium Discovery Day, Marijuana in the Fields Day, Women's Voting Rights Day, TV Weather Map Day, National Potato Day, Lolita Day

Details on these days — and 18,800 others! — can be found in
John Kremer's Celebrate Today Special Events Data Files.

In this issue . . .
- redesign
- How to create a page-turning book
- Kickstarter fundraising for publishing books
- Tweets you can use
- Revision3 video network is looking for new online TV shows
- Get more publicity for your books - free video, etc.

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Also note: My email address will expire at the end of August. Please use to communicate with me via email after August 31st. redesign
I've just redesigned some pages of my website, including the main index page, plus some new resources pages. Some of the links don't work yet (I have to create some new pages), but I would like you to take a look at the website redesign and tell me if anything doesn't work well with the browser you use.

I can't personally check out the website using every browser out there, so your feedback is crucial to making sure the new website works for everyone.

Note: Most pages have not yet been redesigned. I wanted to test the following pages first:

How to create a page-turning book
Wednesday, August 25th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern - Robert Nahas, president of, author of over 50 books for others, and webmaster of Topic: How to have a book that is a page-turner, that people can't stop reading, and that has all the potential of being a bestseller.

For more info on the people and topics for upcoming teleseminars, click here:

If you'd like to take part in this informative series of teleseminars, you can sign up for less than $1 per seminar here:

You can always listen in on previous teleseminars in this series when you sign up for the series. All 52 teleseminars will be available for you to listen to retroactively during the next two years.

Kickstarter fundraising for publishing books
A reader of this newsletter, Michael Brien, The Travel Psychologist, is very excited that he discovered Kickstarter, which is a website that helps fund startup projects, including writing. Michael has already gotten several pledges for his proposal. You can read about his proposal here: He's looking to raise $10,000 to transcribe a ton of interviews for his new Travel Psychologist e-book series.

Check out his video and letter asking people for donations. If you are short of funds for creating or marketing your books, you might want to check out this service.

Tweets you can use
Here are a few more tweets from John Kremer you might find of value:

=> Twitter Creator Jack Dorsey on Plane Crashes, the Ghost of Britney Spears, and the Difficulty of Defining Influence

=> Hanging is too good for a man who makes puns; he should be drawn and quoted. - Fred Allen, comedian #quotable

=> I published the incredible Twitter Mania Manual: How to create fanatical followers -

=> 6 steps to PR video series:

=> Now 445 booksellers on the Twitter bookstore list:

=> What Do I Deserve As An Author?

=> RT @christinekloser @JohnKremer You were what made the class last night so much fun. I love how you brought ease, joy and simplicity into book marketing!

=> Google Adsense changing some designs. Claims better clickthroughs. Details:

=> I love the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Works like a charm. Easy. Fun. Beautiful. And it works. Fast, as well.

=> 13 Words Marketers Should Avoid on Facebook -

=> RT @jeffbullas 50 Ways To Optimize Your Blog

Follow more of John's tweets at

Revision3 video network is looking for new online TV shows
Revision3, an online video network founded by Kevin Rose of Digg, Jay Adelson of Equinix, and David Prager of TechTV, is now looking for some new online video shows to produce and syndicate (with the contributor getting paid to create regularly scheduled new videos).

Revision3 is the leading television network for the internet generation. We create and produce all-original episodic community driven programs watched by a super-committed and passionate fan base. Our hyper-connected audience gets the vast majority of its entertainment, information and social connections through the internet.

Their shows currently have more than six million views each month. They syndicated 24 video shows right now.

Revision3 is on the prowl for the next generation of Internet television! It is becoming increasingly difficult for content producers and hosts to find audiences for their shows. We’re striving to locate these content producers and expose these shows to a new and vibrant fan base. There's no limit to the type of shows Revision3 Beta is interested in. Sign up and start uploading today! You might be the next Internet video sensation!

For details, check out: You could be paid to be the next Internet video star. Note: They are especially looking for shows with an already built-in audience.

Get more publicity for your books - free video, etc.
You might want to check out the following free videos and teleseminars from my friend Steve Harrison. They teach you how to get more PR for your books and authors.

Free video: The #1 secret for getting major national publicity:

Teleseminar on how to get major magazine and newspaper publicity: Thursday, August 19th at either 2:00 p.m. Eastern or 7:00 p.m. Eastern. For details, go here:

The above teleseminar includes a clever way to use Google to get major press quickly and easily, a simple strategy for getting an AP story about you that runs in dozens of newspapers, and how to spin a small story into a much larger feature for yourself.

National Publicity Summit: Want to know more about this summit that has resulted in authors getting book on The Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, Oprah, and the Fox News Channel? And also resulted in book features in O Magazine, TV Guide, Money, and Health.

If you want to get similar results, you can get free information by clicking here:

Note: The above three lines are affiliate links. That means I get paid if you sign up for any of the programs that are offered for sale during these free videos and teleseminars.

Quotable Books
You are not there to take up space. You are there to fill the room. - Verizon Wireless TV commercial

More great quotes and quotable books at

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