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Book Marketing 105: Choosing a Book Distribution System - This vital mini-guide includes criteria for deciding how you will distribute your books. Also includes complete information on 30 distributors, 4 library distributors, 89 book publishers who also distribute for other publishers, 3 sales representatives to the chains, 27 bookstore wholesalers, 34 library wholesalers, and 23 Spanish-language wholesalers. Plus a sample book distribution contract. Ebook download, $30.00.
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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

September 9, 2010: Black Tennis Players Day, Do It Day, Happy Family Day, Hot Dog Birthday, Pampers Birthday, Expectant Fathers Day, National 401(k) Day

In this issue . . .
- How to write, publish, and market a bestselling children's book
- Marketing advice from a Victoria's Secret model
- specialty booksellers
- Tweets you can use
- Daily book giveaway
- Quotable Books now on Kindle
- article marketing tips

How to write, publish, and market a bestselling children's book
How to Sell Your Children's Books - a live consultation you can listen in on . . .

Recently I did a one-hour consultation with the author of a children's picture book and a children's board book. You can now listen in on this consultation - which featured the 7 most effective ways to market a children's book.

You can listen to it now for only $39.97. You can listen to this recording online or download it as an mp3 for listening via an iPod, etc.

Children's Book Consultation Audio - - $39.97

The last ten minutes of this audio are incredible, including advice rarely found on selling children's books - that also applies to novels and memoirs.

BONUS: Listen in as John Kremer interviews Emma Walton Hamilton on How to Write, Publish, and Market a Bestselling Children's Book. This 90-minute teleseminar is a $20 value, but you get it free when you order the above Children's Book Consultation Audio.

Marketing advice from a Victoria's Secret model
I found the following story in a recent issue of Elle magazine. See, you can find marketing stories in all sorts of magazines, even fashion magazines.

Carol Perkins, a former Victoria's Secret model, founded Harry Barker to make and sell eco-friendly products for dogs and cats. Since starting up in her apartment 13 years ago, she now sells to 3,000 wholesalers. Here's some of her advice for starting up a business:

1. You can start for $600 or less.

2. Trademark your logo and name (costs about $300 at For authors and publishers, this means writing and publishing brandable books - that means books with a memorable title.

3. Get a domain and build a website (getting a domain is $10.69 at Building a basic site is free at Google Sites ( For authors, get your name: or (goes to my 1001 Ways bio) or (goes to my speaking page at

4. Give away samples. One of the first dog beds Carol made was for a friend's pug (given as a gift). An editor visited her friend in her apartment, saw the bed, and praised it in InStyle magazine. As Carol notes, "Word of mouth can make you a mogul." So give away your book. Try it out, especially as an ebook or inexpensive Kindle edition.

5. Cold-call stores in your city and ask for an appointment. Carol was turned down by most people she called, but she called them back again every week. She did not give up. For months, she made no sales. But one day she got her foot in the door of Canine Styles - and that alone put her on the map and inspired her to call on more stores. Question: Do all your local bookstores know your name and the title of your book? Do they stock your book? Have you offered them a special display for your books?

6. Be a press whore. Target popular bloggers, editors, features writers, etc. Work your social network (both online and offline).

That's incredibly good advice, point after point. What have you done today to sell your book?

Specialty booksellers
Here are some more specialty retailers who sell books:

Beads & Gifts, 309 Central Avenue, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520; 228-216-9701. Beading supplies, books, gifts.

Bridges Pro Shop, The Bridges Golf Club, Hollywood Casino Bay St. Louis, 711 Hollywood Boulevard, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520; 228-463-4047; Fax: 228-466-8077. Email: Web: Features golf equipment, apparel, books, and gifts.

Children's Museum of the Shoals Gift Shop, 2810 Darby Drive, Florence, Alabama 35630; 256-765-0500. Email: Web: Features children's books, apparel, toys, etc.

Cowgirls of the West Museum Gift Shop, 205 West 7th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001; 307-638-4994. Web: (not active yet). Gifts, apparel, souvenirs, plus books on history, western lore, women's rights, etc.

The Discovery Shop, American Museum of Science and Energy, 300 S Tulane Avenue, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830; 865-576-3201. Email: Web: Features science and children's books, science kits, toys, videos, apparel, and more.

Great Discoveries Museum Store, Discovery Center, 502 SE Broad Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130; 615-890-2300; Fax: 615-849-9573. Email: Web: This children's science museum store features science kits, books, apparel, art kits, and more.

Sun Studio Rock Shop, Mike Schorr, Merchandise Picker, 706 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38103; 800-441-6249. Email: Web: Features rock 'n roll histories, autobiographies, and memoirs. Also music apparel, recordings, and souvenirs.

Woven Heart Scrapbook, 2517 Ryan Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601; 337-480-9801; Fax: 337-494-1197. Email: Web: Scrapbook supplies, books, and classes.

Tweets you can use
Here are a few more tweets from John Kremer you might find of value:

=> The Making of a Book Cover video:

=> Love is what makes you smile when you're tired. - anonymous

=> @GaryLoper Why limit yourself to 365 ways, when you can have 18,900 ways via the Celebrate Today special events data files:

=> 50 power words you can use to write selling copy: - Great for news releases, sales copy, back of book copy, etc.

=> Ideas are light bulbs. Light bulbs need power. We are the power company. - Verizon Wireless magazine ad

=> RT @JoelHeffner RT @JohnKremer 18 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love - [Start with #18!]

Follow more of John's tweets at

Daily book giveaway
Publicist Stephanie Barko is kicking off her new web address with a daily book giveaway from August 20 through September 19. You can still win by commenting at

Quotable Books now on Kindle
Below are four quotation books I've published so far as Kindle ebooks. All are priced at $2.99. Go buy one right now. Support a starving artist :))

Each book contains more than 1,000 great quotations, many not found in any other book of quotations. Guaranteed.

The Art of Living: Quotations from Artists, Photographers, Architects, Designers, Cartoonists, Poets, Writers, Novelists, and Critics on Art and Life:

The Business of Life: Business people and others on life, business, careers, the workplace, investments, economics, jobs, money, and more:

How to Act: Advice on How to Live and Act from Actors, Models, Comedians, Directors, Producers, Playwrights, and Screenwriters:

The Big Bad Book of Blonde Jokes:

Article marketing tips
Below are links to two guest blog posts featuring article marketing expert Eric Gruber:

Article Writing Template That Gets People Talking About You and Your Topic Right Away -

Article Marketing Debate: Is Article Marketing Dying as the Use of Video Soars? -

Both of these blog posts cover some great points on how to write and syndicate free articles over the Internet as a way of drawing more traffic to your website (and sell more books).

Quotable Books
No matter what the odds are, if you believe in your heart that you can accomplish something, you can do it. - Jenny Craig

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