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"Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn't carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life." - Stephen King

Few joys rival being outside on a beautiful day in the company of a good book. - Oprah Winfrey

More great quotes at

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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

October 13, 2010: Aerial Photography Day, Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day, Fear of Discovery Day, Irish Coffee Health Day, Headache Excuse Day

In this issue . . .
- Encouraging people to tweet your book or service
- Getting your books the distribution they deserve
- Author Success Stories
- Tweets you can use
- Do you want to be a celebrity?
- Blog carnivals
- Any New Books?

Note from a reader about last week's email: Barnes & Noble's Nook apparently allows ebooks to be shared with other Nook owners. That's not the case with Kindle ebooks.

Encouraging people to tweet your book or service
Nancy Juetten, author of Bye-Bye Boring Bios, send out the following email to encourage her affiliates and supporters to tweet about the new edition of her book. I think you could create a similar letter to promote your book:

With Halloween coming up super fast, I thought it would be fun to share a series of 22 timely Tweets you can share with your tribe that showcase some of the value packed within the newly released second edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio. The good news is that sales have been as brisk as the fall weather, and I would love to stir things up even more with your help for the benefit of all.

In the following paragraphs, she describes how to create a unique affiliate link for the suggested tweets. Then she shared the following suggested tweets:

Just put your unique affiliate link at the end of each of the following Tweets, and you have 22 ways to guide your people to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interview with great bios now. How great is that? Of course, if you need any additional help, just give me a call at 425-641-5214.

22 Timely Tweets for Trick or Treat!

1. Does your bio showcase your stunning results? Bye-Bye Boring Bio shows you how. (Your link here.)
2. Does your bio get ideal clients to that 'like, trust, respect' place fast? (Your link here.)
3. What succinct stories does your bio tell that compel your ideal clients to say 'yes' to what you sell. (Your link here.)
4. How sassy are your sound bites? Good ones help you attract clients. (Your link here.)
5. Does your speaker sheet compel meeting planners to say 'yes'? Bye-Bye Boring Bio examples show you the way. (Your lnk here.)
6. Does your speaker intro invite applause before you say your first word? Bye-Bye Boring Bio examples show you how. (Your link here.)
7. Is your Twitter profile a-Twitter with personality? Bye-Bye Boring Bio examples inspire! (Your link here.)
8. When NPR invites your expert comments, what two sentences introduce you as the authority? (Your link here.)
9. Are your media placements showcased in your bio? Why not? Start today. (Your link here.)
10. How many I's are in your bio? Shift the focus to your ideal client and see what good things happen next. (Your link here.)
11. Does your bio identify your tribe and niche? It should! Bye-Bye Boring Bio examples show you how. (Your link here.)
12. Do you have a 150-word speaker sheet that offers a descriptive, memorable headline? You should! (Your link here.)
13. Do you ask for testimonials systematically? Bye-Bye Boring Bio shows you how. (Your link here.)
14. Are your a master of new client enrollment? Bye-Bye Boring Bio audio bonus file shows you how. (Your link here.)
15. Are you attracting $$$ from your book before it is published? Bye-Bye Boring Bio audio bonus file shows you how. (Your link here.)
16. Sturggling to write about yourself without bragging? Let Bye-Byte Boring Bio ease your pain. (Your link here.)
17. Transform that boring bio from wallpaper to wow now. (Your link here.)
18. Does your bio attract clients or snores? Bye-Bye Boring Bio wakes up decision makers fast. (Your link here.)
19. Bye-Bye Boring Bio. Hello opportunity. (Your link here.)
20. Ready to scare away boring bios and gather more treats? (Your link here.)
21. Attract compensation with your rock star bio now. (Your link here.)
22. It's your story. Tell it well. Let Bye-Bye Boring Bio show you how. (Your link here.)

Thanks in advance for helping to build the buzz for the most comprehensive tool on the market today aimed and guiding solopreneurs the world over to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED for their expert status. There are serious treats waiting for everyone who applies the lessons within Bye-Bye Boring Bio to their expert advantage. Plus, I love writing affiliate checks!

Even if you don't offer an affiliate program, you can still develop a list of suggested tweets for your fans and followers to tweet or retweet. A very useful way to get additional exposure and links for your website.

Getting your books the distribution they deserve
Tonight, Wednesday, October 13th, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, John will be interviewing Amy Collins MacGregor and Bethany Brown of The Cadence Group and New Shelves Distribution. We'll be talking about when and why you would want distribution for your book. Also will detail how to find, evaluate, and partner with a good book distributor.

For more information on John's People You Should Know teleseminar series, see

Author Success Stories
Below are a few stories from book authors telling how they have had some success selling their books:

My books are about the inner meaning of the symbols, images and metaphors that are found within mythology and scripture. One of the most misunderstood features of the Bible is the position of the Feminine. It is generally believed that the Bible is sexist and women are treated as second-rate. This is apparently true when the stories are taken literally, as if they were merely accounts of history or lessons about morality. But when the symbology is understood it turns out that the stories are saying something quite different and quite wonderful.

This past summer, I produced a series of short (about 3 minutes apiece) videos in which I discuss the inner meaning of the stories of Eve, Sarah, Rachel, Rahab, the Samaritan woman, the Virgin, Mary Magdalene, and other fascinating women in the Bible. The videos are available on Youtube and on my website ( They have been watched by quite a few people so far, which has brought traffic to my website and sold a few books. I of course hope that many more people will watch them in the future.

My current books include Love, Wisdom, and God: The Longing of the Western Soul and The American Psyche in Search of its Soul. In early 2011, my major work will be published: The Purpose of Religion: Enlightenment, Meaning and Love in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Symbology. (One of the things my books make clear is that the real underlying purpose of all our great Traditions is always the same: the enlightenment of the human soul. When this is understood, the justification for religious hatred and war disappears.) - Andrew Cort; Email:


One of the most successful techniques I have used to market my book has been to write and submit articles for various blogs and websites. I have used Steve Harrison's Reporter Connection (free service) and PR Newswire (paid service) to receive requests from bloggers and website owners requesting content for their website and regularly submitted article proposals.

I also regularly write for Technorati. The articles never need to be particularly long, though they do need to be interesting. All my articles have been published and they have helped me gain a lot of exposure and regular new subscribers to my newsletter. Also, writing articles has helped me expand and develop content which I have then used in my speaking engagements.

- Stefania Lucchetti ( is the author of The Principle of Relevance (how many emails do you receive on any day? Are you overwhelmed by information overload? My book teaches you how to train yourself to process digital information more effectively so that it becomes a tool of empowerment rather than a form of distraction). Stefania also regularly speaks for Fortune 500 companies on time management, leadership, and making ideas happen.


The best way that I have sold books so far is really word of mouth, readers recommending my book to other readers.

PurpleUmpkin is a children's book about kindness, tolerance, love, and understanding. A book that gets children and parents to interact with each other, PurpleUmpkin is about having fun with words. Lots of fun. What works is that the book gets people to interact with each other. For more about the book, see

Early childhood educators think the book is great especially with its colors and rhyming words. All reviews have been 5 stars. I am known as the Mayor of PurpleUmpkin. - Michael John McCann, author. Email:


Struggling to fund the printing and publishing of my book left little to nothing to market it and regardless of what people tell you, you need money to make money. If these factors were not disadvantageous enough, I was non-ambulatory, bed bound and homeless. I had a great and marketable book, so I turned to the Internet and set up shop with a website and the whole nine yards (without the bells and whistles).

The website ( appeared to and did work when I tested it, but I begin getting calls from people whom I had called about my book, Slinging Stones when United States Congress has lost control and American Courts are out of control. Unfortunately, these individuals had tried but could not purchase the book from my website order page.

Even though physically limited, I began calling practically everyone I knew and whose phone numbers I could get my hands on. It became dangerous for anyone to come within my sphere, be it friend or stranger, because they did not leave until they had purchased a book.

You see, I gave everyone at least one valid reason to read my book. I may not have had a functioning website, but interested individuals could go there and at least view a picture of the book after I had given them a verbal introduction. The most effective and successful way of marketing and selling my book was through word of mouth - from me. - Dorothy Barron, author. Email:


Fehrman Books is a new independent publisher of design, fiction, and animal welfare titles. We just published our first book for children, ages 8-12: The Corpse that Wasn't There by Gayle Nastasi. It's a mystery involving a young girl and her psychic Saluki hound who solve crimes. The Corpse that Wasn’t There takes place at a dog show and while the girl, her dog and friends are solving the crime, young readers are also learning about the sport of dog showing with an extensive glossary of terms provided.

To publicize this book, we have a web page at as well as a Facebook and Twitter page under the name of Fehrman Books, but we have also established some unique promotion lines for the novel.

Since The Corpse that Wasn’t There is the first in the Junior Handler Mystery Series which will continue to be involved with dogs and dog shows. We partnered with STOLA, Saluki Tree of Life Alliance, the national Saluki hound rescue charity. We will be donating a portion of profits to STOLA for their rescue programs. In turn, they will help us promote the book to the Saluki community. We are also negotiating with the American Kennel Club and a number of dog magazines to make their populations aware of the book. Also, because the book has an educational component, it is being well received by the schools and libraries we are contacting.

The Corpse that Wasn’t There is available as an e-book at and as print and Kindle books at and - Cherie Fehrman, publisher. Email:

Tweets you can use
Be sure to read and follow these tweets. There are some great book marketing lessons and tips included within these short tweets.

=> 9 Cool Uses for Google Suggest That You Probably Didn’t Think of -

=> It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. - Napoleon Hill

=> 5 Websites for Writers to Cure Writer’s Block with Freewriting Exercises -

=> 10+ of the Best Amateur Viral Videos on YouTube:

=> How to Make Your Own Podcast for Free -

=> Don't believe there's plenty of time for everything. There isn't. - Lillian Hellman #quotable

=> Create a 7-Figure speaking career. Event:

=> Looking for someone to help you edit your book, see

=> Twitter gets better click-through rate than Facebook.-

=> John Kremer's 15,000 Eyeballs Internet marketing program: 15,000 people will see you and your book in one week guaranteed -

Follow more of John's tweets at

How to Create a New York Times or Bestseller
At the recent 21st Century Book Marketing Event, I made a special offer to all the attendees. I thought I should extend that offer to you. Here it is:

Buy my New York Times Bestseller Program for only $497, and get all the following as bonuses:

Book Marketing Magic: How to Sell Your Novel, Children's Book, Memoir or Nonfiction Book Like a Pro by John Kremer -- This multimedia program (consisting of ebooks, reports, audio seminars, and videos) teaches anyone the latest effective techniques for marketing books, especially the so-called hard-to-market books: novels, memoirs, poetry, and children's books. Includes Nine Ways to Sell Your Book, Especially for Novelists and The Ten Most Important Priorities When Launching a Book - value $127.00.

1/2 hour personal book marketing consultation with John Kremer - value: $250.00.

Ten Million Eyeballs Internet Marketing Self-Study Coursewhich details the 4 major ways to expose your book, your ideas, your website, and yourself to ten million people via the Internet. This online course also shows you how to create relationships with the top 30 websites for your key audience and your key search terms - value $500.00.

Top 700 Independent Bookstores database in Excel format. All the details you could want to contact the top 750 indie bookstores in the U.S. (and a few in Canada as well). Useful for selling books, setting up bookstore appearances, and setting up reading group discussions - value: $40.00.

Children's Book Consultation where John goes into detail on how to market a children's book - value: $39.97.

Read more on How to Create a New York Times or Bestseller by clicking here:

To order the program plus the bonuses, click here:

When you place your order, I'll know right away and will send you info on how to redeem all the bonuses as well. By the time you finish the New York Times bestseller program or any of the bonuses, you'll find yourself ready and able to sell a lot more books. These are the same strategies I've taught to New York Times bestselling authors and million-selling self-publishers over the past ten years (the latest techniques from my 25 years in book publishing).

Do you want to be a celebrity?
Neat website name. Neat story: And some wonderful publicity.

Blog carnivals
A Blog Carnival is a blog post where someone takes the time to find really good blog posts from other bloggers on a given topic, and then puts all those posts together in a periodic blog post called a carnival. If you'd like to set up a blog carnival, check out

Here's one that Joel Friedlander set up for self-publishers: Self-Publishing: The Carnival of the Indies: welcome-to-self-publishing-the-carnival-of-the-indies

Any New Books?
Any New Books? is a website that features notifications to users of new books in various subject categories. They have a simple editorial policy: With the exception of areas that will be clearly marked as advertisements, all the content of our newsletter has been selected and curated by us, not by our advertisers/ sponsors. This assures you that a book will appear solely in a weekly email on the grounds that it’s interesting and new, not because of some behind the scenes deal with a publishing company.

Check out the site at Contact Antonio Cangiano, the founder, via email at

Quotable Books
Be nice to people (really). No matter how big you are, relationships are so important. If you have a positive mind-set and positive energy, you'll get good people around you - and they'll want to help you. - Andre "Dre" Lyon, rapper and music producer

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