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Choosing a Book Distributor

Book Marketing 105: Choosing a Book Distribution System - This vital mini-guide includes criteria for deciding how you will distribute your books. Also includes complete information on 30 distributors, 4 library distributors, 89 book publishers who also distribute for other publishers, 3 sales representatives to the chains, 27 bookstore wholesalers, 34 library wholesalers, and 23 Spanish-language wholesalers. Plus a sample book distribution contract. Ebook download, $30.00.
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Top 700 Indie Booksellers

Top 700 Independent Bookstores - This database features 740 stores with address, book buyer, owner, event coordinator, phone, fax, email, website, and more! Cost: $40.00. This data file features an updated list of the largest indie bookstores that work with authors and buy books from indie publishers. The report comes as a data file download (your choice of Microsoft Access, Excel, or rich text format). The data files do require that you know how to use a database or word-processing program.
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The Best Things in Life Are Free quotable book

More great quotes at

The Art of Living: Artists, Poets, Photographers, Architects, Designers, Cartoonists, Writers, Novelists, and Critics on Art and Life:

The Business of Life: Business people and others on life, business, careers, the workplace, economics, investments, jobs, money, and more:

How to Act: Advice on How to Live and Act from Actors, Models, Comedians, Directors, Producers, Playwrights, and Screenwriters:

The Big Bad Book of Blonde Jokes:

John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

October 26, 2010: All You Can Eat Day, Gunfight at the OK Corral Anniversary, Soviet Birthday, Mission of Charity Day, Perils of Predicting Day, U.S. Mule Day

In this issue . . .
- Mariner magazine
- People You Should Know Teleseminar: Finish Your Book Now
- Trailmeme a guide to your website
- Tweets you can use
- Ebooks you can use (as an author or publisher)
- iPhone/iPad/Android apps developer

Mariner magazine
This travel magazine is published 3 times a year by Holland America Line cruise ships. Among other articles, they feature a column on Shipboard Reading. Their summer 2010 issue featured short blurbs about Jane Smiley's novel Private Life, Lorenzo Carcaterra's suspense novel Midnight Angels, and Frances Mayes's memoir Every Day in Tuscany. They also featured an interview with Scott Turow, author of Innocent. Travel writing contributors included travel authors Paul Theroux and Peter Greenberg as well as novelist Scott Turow.

Send review copies or article suggestions to Mariner Magazine, Drew Limsky, Editor in Chief, Story Worldwide, 87 Wall Street, Seattle WA 98121. Email: Web:

People You Should Know Teleseminar: Finish Your Book Now
Wednesday, October 27th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern - Gemini Adams of Topic: Learn how to successfully structure, write, edit, package, pitch, sell, and publish your book.

For more information on this teleseminar series, see

If you'd like to take part in this incredible series of teleseminars (there will be at least 52 of them), you can sign up for less than $1 per seminar by clicking here:

What I've found so valuable about the teleseminars is that they not only teach how to market books generally, but they also allow me to ask a current expert on the telephone questions about how to market MY book. That is so unique and valuable. - Jim Wawro, author, Ask Your Inner Voice

Trailmeme a guide to your website
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ allows anyone to create a website by website or web page by web page guide to anything you want. You select web pages, add their URLs to Trailmeme, add your title for each page, comment on that page, and create a page by page tour. I used it the other day to create a short tour of my website:

Essentially, Trailmeme allows you to create a guided tour to any web pages or websites you want. So you could create a guided tour of your website or blog (like I did), or you could showcase websites as part of an online lesson or webinar you're creating on any topic, or you could create a bibliographic tour of recommended websites. I'm sure you can think of some other uses for creating a Trailmeme guided tour.

Tweets you can use
There are some great book marketing lessons and tips included within these short tweets.

=> Thinking of self-publishing your book? Check out

=> Book Marketing Tip 6: Love is the driving force for all marketing. Or it should be. Without love, it's all just politics, not business. #BM

=> Wow, I'm on the @mashable marketing list -!/list/mashable/marketing

=> Book Marketing Tip 7: Radio is rarely the best way to promote your book. But if you are going to do radio, check out #BM

=> RT @bhagavati1008 - If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. - JRR Tolkien

=> Book Marketing Tip 4: Feature bookstores in your online promotions. Send fans direct to indie bookstores. Perhaps a weekly favorite store. #BM

=> Over 740 people have read - 8 Websites to promote your next booksigning or author event -

=> Book Marketing Tip #2: Speak. When people hear you speak, they become bigger fans. Fans sell books. #BM

=> Mobile ad market getting bigger - - Are you doing anything with mobile ads yet?

=> Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils. - Louis Hector via LBN Alert

Follow more of John's tweets at

Ebooks you can use (as an author or publisher
Here are a few interesting ebooks featured at I think they offer valuable tips for authors and publishers.

Expert Witness Training: Profit From Your Expertise by Judd Robbins:

Flipping the Funnel: Give your fans the power to speak up by Seth Godin:

A Geek's Guide to Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140 Characters or Less with Twitter by Geekpreneur:

A Guide to Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants by Jay Conrad Levinson and Michael McLaughlin: (a sampler)

The New Rules of PR: How to create a press release strategy for reaching buyers directly by David Meerman Scott: (22 page minibook)

Note: The above ebooks are just a few of the hundreds which are freely available at

iPhone/iPad/Android apps developer
Mobilezapp is another developer of mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Win Mobile platforms. In developing apps, they analyze your needs, help you choose platforms, determine your feature set, develop your framework, create blueprints, lay out storyboards, create a beta program, shepherd the approval process, and more.

For more information, contact MobileZapp, David Martin, President, 102 Park, Nashville TN 37072; 615-257-1057. Skype: davemartin55. Email: Web: Corporate headquarters: 4500 Steiner Ranch Boulevard #1106, Austin TX 78732; 512-402-5303.

Quotable Books
The texture of our universe is one where there is no question at all but that good and laughter and justice will prevail. - Desmond Tutu, archbishop

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