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Book Marketing 105: Choosing a Book Distribution System - This vital mini-guide includes criteria for deciding how you will distribute your books. Also includes complete information on 30 distributors, 4 library distributors, 89 book publishers who also distribute for other publishers, 3 sales representatives to the chains, 27 bookstore wholesalers, 34 library wholesalers, and 23 Spanish-language wholesalers. Plus a sample book distribution contract. Ebook download, $30.00.
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Top 700 Independent Bookstores - This database features 740 stores with address, book buyer, owner, event coordinator, phone, fax, email, website, and more! Cost: $40.00. This data file features an updated list of the largest indie bookstores that work with authors and buy books from indie publishers. The report comes as a data file download (your choice of Microsoft Access, Excel, or rich text format). The data files do require that you know how to use a database or word-processing program.
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The Art of Living: Artists, Poets, Photographers, Architects, Designers, Cartoonists, Writers, Novelists, and Critics on Art and Life:

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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

December 7, 2010

Pearl Harbor Day, Gramophone Day, National Fire Safety Day, Microwave Oven Birthday, International Civil Aviation Day, Marshmallow Peeps Birthday, Sex in the Workplace Day


In this issue . . .
- Real Fast Book Marketing
- Free Teleseminars Alert!
- - Is this the way to run a website?
- Good Booking campaign
- People You Should Know Teleseminar: Book Marketing Tips
- Make money with your content
- Tweets you can use
- Websites to help your book marketing

Real Fast Book Marketing
Do you want to know how to sell 100 to 200 books in less than 2 weeks, from start to finish? And then do it again and again? Then my Real Fast Book Marketing program is for you.

I'm really proud of this new program, which consists of four videos that show you 14 ways to sell hundreds of books in less than 2 short weeks. My criteria for the marketing tactics I describe in these videos were as follows:

1. You must be able to complete the marketing steps in two weeks or less, from start to finish.

2. You must be able to sell at least 100 books within those two weeks.

3. The marketing strategies must be something a first-time author or novice marketer can carry out. That means anyone can do them.

4. It shouldn't cost a lot to carry out. I'm cheap so I like inexpensive or free marketing strategies.

Read more about this new program here:

Note: No tweeting, facebooking, rights sales, corporate sales, distribution, Amazon sales. You can carry out these strategies without leaving the comfort of your hometown. You don't have to blog (but it helps). You don't even need to have a website (but it helps).

Free Teleseminars Alert!
I'm creating a new newsletter where I'll alert you to the free teleseminars I'll be offering in the future. After December 15th, I won't be doing my People You Should Know teleseminar series (a paid series). But I will be doing many free teleseminars in the weeks, months, and years to come.

If you want to hear about these new free teleseminars, you'll have to subscribe to Free Teleseminars Alert!, my new periodic newsletter. In this newsletter, I'll let you know about my new teleseminars and webinars as well as a few teleseminars being offered by my friends - teleseminars where I know you'll learn something that could help you sell more books.

To sign up for Free Teleseminars Alert!, go to

This means that I'll be featuring fewer free teleseminars in this newsletter. I'd like to offer the free teleseminars only to those who really want to know about them. Again, use the link directly above to sign up for Free Teleseminars Alert! - Is this the way to run a website?
What a great name for a book (Candy Freak) and what a great name for a website. But what a sad website. The entire top fold of the first page is devoted to the book (hardcover and softcover editions). Most visitors would simply click away, not realizing that there are some interesting excerpts at the bottom of the page.

Click on any of the links at the top of the page, and you won't find a Home page link to go back to where you started.

He does have a book tour page, but no media kit. The bio page link is at the bottom of the page in light type. The join a mailing list link is also at the bottom of the page in light type.

His website seems more focused on promoting his music (Bitchin' Soundtrack link), his The Tip music newsletter, and music videos.

If I were designing his website, the first page would focus on candy, candy, candy. Lots of candy. Photos of candy, chocolate, sweets, gumballs, M&Ms, etc. Lots of photos.

One reason is so weak is that it really is the Steven Almond website. The book is an afterthought.

Don't make your book an afterthought, especially on a website URL that indicated it's all about the book, the author's passion, and the topic (in this case, candy, candy, candy; not book, book, uh?).

Good Booking campaign
Six years ago, Penguin UK came up with a great marketing campaign called Good Booking which was featured on its own website at Alas, that website is no longer active. Obviously, the marketing campaign is gone as well. Too bad. It was a great idea.

Good Booking was designed to encourage young men to read more (as a way of picking up women). It turns out that women find men more attractive when they are reading books (not sure if that was a scientific survey or a good guess). Penguin UK, of course, featured their books on the website devoted to providing great pick up tips using books. Their slogan: Good Looking Women Want Good Booking Men.

I'm curious if Penguin UK just botched the job of selling young men on reading books - or was it simply a lost cause?

I think it would be a fun campaign to relaunch. Anyone willing to do that?

Make money with your content
One of the big questions I get asked, right after how to sell more books, is actually how to make money from your content. Few authors get rich selling books, but many do hit the jackpot on the back end.

A few months ago I sat on a panel with Michael Tasner at the Twitter 140 conference in New York City. While talking with him, I discovered that he and his team are the hidden marketing weapon behind many successful authors, speakers, and coaches. For example, not only does Michael and his team handle all the online marketing efforts for Guerrilla Marketing, Michael is also the Chief Marketing Office of that company.

Michael has just come out with a no-cost e-course on the 7 Secrets to Monetizing Your Content. Note: There is no upsell offer in this e-course and no strings attached. At the end of the course, there's even an additional bonus.

I've supported Michael in helping him to sell more books. Now he wants to give something back by offering this no-cost course for you. To take part in this e-course, click on this special link:

Tweets you can use
There are some great book marketing lessons and tips included within these short tweets.

=> Just completed a teleseminar on 10 ways to sell books fast:

=> Come join the 6,183 book authors on - great place to find book marketing partners

=> Real Fast Book Marketing isn't just for books - - any Internet product or service benefits

=> What do you need to know to help you create a career-building, brand-building book and information business? Poll:

=> December: The Best Time to Query Literary Agents -

=> Make $2,500 or more per day as a Public Speaker - (affiliate link) - Free teleseminar on Thursday, December 9th

=> @TeriPinney It's okay to republish a book with a new name. Be sure, tho, to let potential buyers know that it's an expanded edition.

=> RT @hallofames Fast Company's Leadership Hall of Fame - - JK: Features top book authors.

=> Just released an incredible new program to market books fast:

=> Just uploaded a new video on The Book Marketing Network

Follow more of John's tweets at

Websites to help your book marketing
Here are a few more interesting websites you might want to review and perhaps participate in:

Successimo: - This free site is looking for content providers (authors, speakers, and life coaches) for this information and inspirational site. Allows you to have another presence on the Internet that points to you and your products. For more info, you can also email January Jones at

PR Toolkit for Authors and Publishers: - A new service from PR Newswire for sending out PR news releases to major media sites as well as many other websites. Great tool for getting high search engine rankings.

Quotable Books
Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel as if I should be doing something else. - Gloria Steinem, editor and feminist

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