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The Art of Living: Artists, Poets, Photographers, Architects, Designers, Cartoonists, Writers, Novelists, and Critics on Art and Life:

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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

December 15, 2010

Birthday of Basketball, Bill of Rights Day, Rock 'n Roll Marriage Day, U.S. Law School Day, Rendezvous in Space Day, Google Pajama Day, National Lemon Cupcake Day


In this issue . . .
- People still love books!
- Jay-Z book tour - an inside look
- Free Teleseminars Alert!
- People You Should Know Teleseminar: My Holiday Gift to You
- Tweets you can use
- No Fly Rule - John Kremer grounded
- Real Fast Book Marketing

People still love books!
Just saw these quotes yesterday. They reveal how much people still love reading books:

"It is hard to come up with Christmas gifts for people who already seem to have everything. Books can be good gifts for such people." - Thomas Sowell, economist and political commentator

John's comment: Books do make great gifts. No matter how strange the people are you want to give presents to, there will be at least one book - and more likely hundreds of books - that would suit them to a tee.

"I always have about 10 books at home and in the office I am working on. I love to read and I still love curling up with a book, but I hope someone gives me an iPad or Kindle for Christmas so I can have my books everywhere." - Martha Zoller, radio talk show host

John's comment: Note how book lovers (and buyers) are voting with their hands and eyes for ebooks as well as printed books. Make sure you have your books available in both formats.

In a recent issue of Redbook magazine, actress Lauren Graham was photographed sitting on the floor of one of her favorite bookstores, Hennessey + Ingalls in Hollywood. She's been going there since she was a child. As she noted, "There was eating, sleeping - and then there was reading. It was the one thing I could do in the day that was totally gratifying. I still have a bunch of my childhood books. I don't understand a house that doesn't have books."

John's comment: I don't understand a house without books either. In fact, I love to walk into a house that has walls and walls of books. Makes me feel absolutely at home.

Jay-Z book tour - an inside look
To promote his new book Decoded, Jay-Z and his publisher Spiegel & Grau teamed up with Microsoft's Bing search engine and the Droga5 ad agency to create a million-dollar multimedia scavenger hunt. Clues posted online via a mobile-based micro site led fans to 300 coded pages hidden in New York City (Manhattan and Brooklyn), Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, and London. Some of the pages were located on billboards. Others were located inside jackets at a boutique, at the bottom of a swimming pool, and on a pool table. The grand prize was a trip to see Jay-Z and Coldplay on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas.

The campaign itself, as outlined in Rolling Stone and Direct Marketing News magazines, was designed to involve fans in a mobile social marketing placed-based campaign. When fans visited the website and answered a few questions, they were taken to a Bing map which featured a location featured in the book where users could locate one of the coded pages. As Droga5 CEO Andrew Essex noted, this was to be "the biggest book launch of all time."

Did it work? Were you aware of the book? Did you see any of the ads, online messages, etc.? I didn't know about this campaign until after the fact but, then, I'm not the target market for the book since I really don't like rap music.

I've seen a number of book reviews. In addition the book or author were promoted on NPR's Fresh Air (interview), the New York Post (excerpt), Village Voice (article), New York Times (review), Late Show with David Letterman (interview), Daily Show with Jon Stewart (interview), and more.

Note: It hit #3 on the New York Times bestseller list during the first week of its release. As of December 15th, the book is ranked #15 at My guess is that the million-dollar online event had less to do with the book's success than the many offline media features.

Could you replicate Jay-Z's results? Not likely. Most authors I know won't spend a million dollars to conduct an experimental online campaign. And most authors are also not as well known or in demand as Jay-Z.

Free Teleseminars Alert!
I'm creating a new newsletter where I'll alert you to the free teleseminars I'll be offering in the future. After December 15th, I won't be doing my People You Should Know teleseminar series (a paid series). But I will be doing many free teleseminars in the weeks, months, and years to come. I'll also let you know about teleseminars or webinars that I plan to attend (that are offered by friends or people I know).

To sign up, fill out the simple form at

People You Should Know Teleseminar: My Holiday Gift to You
Wednesday, December 15th, 8:00 p.m. Eastern, 5:00 p.m. Pacific - Lisa Chapman, iBrand Masters. Topic: How to Make Money Online with Social Media

To take part in this no-cost-to-you teleseminar (my holiday gift to you), click here:

Tweets you can use
There are some great book marketing lessons and tips included within these short tweets.

=> 499 Indie Booksellers on the Independent Bookstores Twitter List @bookstores and 50 more Indie Booksellers @bookstores2

=> Look for small victories. If we all helped one person, wouldn't the world be an unbelievable place? - Hoda Kotb, TV host -

=> Social Media Marketing Machine - Watch this video and do what it says. You'll like the results:

=> Neat website - Ben the Bodyguard - - really cool but probably took a lot of time to create.

=> BookExpo America is dying. Many publishers not intending to attend the next BEA. Sadly, the show promoter is killing the show.

=> BEA to be in New York City indefinitely. Midweek (Tues to Thurs). Cheaper for the organizer but not good for the publishers or booksellers.

=> The BEA needs to be on the weekend when booksellers can come. The show now is for the NYC publishers ease. Nothing else.

=> BEA can show increased attendance numbers by getting all the NYC publisher employees coming during the week. None of them will come on the weekend unless they get paid.

=> Sell your books in 2 weeks or less. Check out Real Fast Book Marketing:

=> How to Land a Literary Agent: First Get a Platform -

Follow more of John's tweets at

No Fly Rule - John Kremer grounded
I will not be flying again until the TSA changes its rules. The scanners are dangerous: much higher radiation exposure than TSA claims, highly susceptible to operator error, and also susceptible to degeneration. Back in my younger days I worked at the Minnesota Department of Health typing up x-ray reports. I guarantee you that you want to minimize your exposure to x-rays, scanners, and related machines. And these scanners are far more dangerous than normal x-ray machines.

I understand that you can opt out of the scanners, but that makes you go through the other line where the TSA pat-downs are no longer pats, but gropes. Sorry, I find that offensive and unconstitutional. A clear case of unreasonable search. I've gone through the old TSA pat-downs. They were reasonable. The new grope-downs are not reasonable. Since I can chose not to fly, that is exactly what I am doing until TSA changes its policies.

I will be traveling to places where I can drive: Denver, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; anywhere in Arizona or New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; San Diego, California; and Los Angeles, California. If you want me to speak anywhere else, prepare to pay a lot more because I will be taking the train or driving, and you will have to pay my travel expenses and my extra time expenses.

I find the TSA policies to be an incredible intrusion of government into personal lives. I cannot support TSA's dictatorial policies, so I will choose not to fly.

This is sad for me because I will miss the IBPA Universities, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, all of Florida, Boston, Chicago, Portland, Alaska, Europe, Asia, etc. Very sad.

Real Fast Book Marketing
Do you want to know how to sell 100 to 200 books in less than 2 weeks, from start to finish? And then do it again and again? Then my Real Fast Book Marketing program is for you.

I'm really proud of this new program, which consists of four videos that show you 14 ways to sell hundreds of books in less than 2 short weeks. My criteria for the marketing tactics I describe in these videos were as follows:

1. You must be able to complete the marketing steps in two weeks or less, from start to finish.

2. You must be able to sell at least 100 books within those two weeks.

3. The marketing strategies must be something a first-time author or novice marketer can carry out. That means anyone can do them.

4. It shouldn't cost a lot to carry out. I'm cheap so I like inexpensive or free marketing strategies.

Read more about this new program here:

Note: No tweeting, facebooking, rights sales, corporate sales, distribution, Amazon sales. You can carry out these strategies without leaving the comfort of your hometown. You don't have to blog (but it helps). You don't even need to have a website (but it helps).

Quotable Books
Be a little bit ruthless. No one else in the world cares if you get your writing done, so you have to make room for it yourself. - Rachel Pastan, author

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