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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

January 19, 2011

In this issue . . .
- How much is a celebrity tweet worth?
- Author success story
- Tweets you can use
- children's bookstores

How much is a celebrity tweet worth?
Recently three celebrities tweeted about a new book called Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks & How They Shape Our Lives. Here are the results of the book sales from these three tweets:

Alyssa Milano, actress - 1.2 million followers - no sales

Tim O'Reilly, publisher, O'Reilly Media - 1.5 million followers - 1 book sold

Susannah Fox, associate director, digital strategy at Pew Research Center - 4,960 followers - 3 books sold

Why so few sales? I can think of a number of reasons:

1. The three celebrities did not have the right audience for the book (it's an academic text).

2. The tweets were sent at a non-opportune time during the day. Note: When you post a tweet affects how many people see the tweet and how many respond to the tweet.

3. The followers of Fox are more passionately attached to what she tweets that the actress and the publisher.

4. The tweets were uninteresting. I tried to track down the original tweets but Twitter was bogged down at the time I was doing the search. Alas.

To read the Nieman Journalism Labs blog post about the three original tweets, see:

Author success story
Several years ago, Kaayla Canfield, author of Simply Going Green in 3 Years Or Less, contacted Alberta Education about her book. The process was long and detailed, but last October they finally approved her book for grades 10, 11, and 12 in Alberta, Canada.

As Kaayla noted, "It is considered Curriculum Resource material, which means they will use it to teach curriculum in all of Alberta. Now that may not seem like much, but if you think about it, they will purchase the book in bulk, for all those grades which is thousands of books. On top of that, they buy books for B.C. Education, and the N.W.T Education, which means that my book will be considered in those provinces as acceptable resource material."

She suggested that other newsletter readers might consider approaching the education departments in their states because it can result in significant sales.

John's Comment: If your book might be suitable for a textbook or supplemental material in a class, you might look into selling to the education departments in your state. Always start in your state where you can learn the rules by walking into the door of your local school and, if necessary, your state department of education. Once you get your book approved in your state, you can expand to other nearby states.

Note: Getting a book approved for use in schools can be a long, tedious, challenging project. But, if you are successful, it could mean thousands of copies sold every year for years to come.

Tweets you can use
There are some great book marketing lessons and tips included within these short tweets.

=> Looking for a book publisher for your religious or spiritual book? Check out

=> Example of a great end-of-the-year 2010 tie-in news release:

=> Still waiting to get a new blog post approved for the Huffington Post. Not sure why they are taking so long. Timely post getting lost.

=> My birthday is coming up on Sunday (January 16th). Send fudge. It's okay if it's late.

Follow more of John's tweets at

Children's bookstores
Here are four new children's bookstores:

The Bookworm Burrow, Natalie Page, Owner, The Public Market, 1530 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, Washington 98225. Email: Web: Blog:

The Elephant’s Trunk Children’s Bookshop, Danielle Kreger, Owner, Lexington Center, 1764 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, Massachusetts 02420. Email: Web: Blog:

The Voracious Reader, Francine Lucidon, Owner, 1997 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont, New York 10538; 914-630-4581; Fax: 914-630-4582. Email: Web:

Wit & Whimsy, Nancy Oliver, Owner, 60 Atlantic Avenue, Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945; 781-631-1054. Email: Web:

Quotable Books
Authentic power. It happens when purpose aligns with personality to serve the greater good. - Oprah Winfrey

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