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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

February 2, 2011

California Kiwifruit Day, Celebrate What Could Have Been Day, Groundhog Day, I Can't Tell a Lie Day (first lie detector test), New York City's Birthday, Vegetarian Truck Stop Day, The Big Sneeze Anniversary (featuring the first movie close-up)


In this issue . . .
- Don't talk CNBC on The Today Show
- 5-Minute Marketing Tips
- specialty booksellers
- Tweets you can use
- mail order catalogs

Don't talk CNBC on The Today Show
In reading a recent issue of Financial Planning, James Grubman of wrote about watching The Today Show one day. While watching an interview with a well-known commentator from CNBC, he realized that she was doing an exceptionally good job explaining an esoteric market issue in plain language. As he noted, then:

"I suddenly was struck by the revelation: She knows she's not on CNBC. She's on The Today Show. You don't talk "CNBC" on The Today Show. The CNBC guest knew how to adapt her message for a mainstream, nonprofessional audience.... It was not about her. It was about helping the audience members understand a troubling issue so that they could make some decisions."

I've noticed in reading many news releases that there are quite a few book authors who talk CNBC when they are on The Today Show. They get so caught up in their specialized knowledge that they fail to communicate to an audience that doesn't know as much as they do. It not only happens in news releases. It also happens in books, on TV shows, on radio shows, in speeches, on websites, etc.

When writing your news releases, don't talk CNBC. Talk The Today Show. Even when you are aiming at a professional audience. Keep it simple. Keep it clear. You'll reach a much larger audience that way.

5-Minute Marketing Tips
The January issue of Real Simple magazine featured a two-page article on what you could do if you had five minutes. Here are a few of the things they suggested: Check your voice mail. Test your smoke alarms. Clear off the top of your refrigerator. Floss your teeth. Sew on a button. Wash the dog's bowl. Scan your medicine cabinet and throw out any expired prescriptions, sunscreens, and vitamins. Neaten up the freezer.

It's amazing what you can do if you use your five minutes well.

=> Write down the first 3 reasons you can think of why people should buy your book. - Art Fox, Creative Products Management

=> Check your Facebook page, but limit your visit to only 5 minutes. - Art Fox

=> Jot down an idea for a new book or an addition for an existing book. - Art Fox

=> Go online and buy a Flipcam to use for making recordings for Youtube. - Art Fox

=> Review your 2-degree social network people and select 1-3 that have regular Internet radio shows. Send an email complimenting their work and offering to be a contributing guest on one of their shows. Send an abbreviated bio with this first note. - Nancine Meyer,

=> Take time every week to read John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week. - Nancine Meyer

=> Act on one of the tips from the Book Marketing Tip of the Week.

=> Look over your website again. Check that all pages load. Look for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar. Look for obsolete or dated items. Look for missing photos and graphics. Check for external links that no longer work. Confirm that email addresses still work. Verify your contact information. - Dan Pernokis,

=> Look over your entire website in a different environment - using a different browser, different monitor, etc. Make sure everything looks acceptable, make sure everything fits on the screen, make sure the colors are correct, and make sure the fonts work. - Dan Pernokis

=> Then make 5 minutes to call your webmaster and get the problems fixed. - Dan Pernokis

=> When I'm sending out fliers I go to my local printer and order #11 envelopes. I use the cover of the book I am currently marketing printed on the left hand side of the envelope with my return address. The larger size envelope stands out as does the picture of the book. The postage is the same. This has helped increase visibility as well as sales. - Teresa Brown,

Other non-marketing ideas: Make an appointment to get your car serviced, your teeth cleaned, or your body checkup. Stand in the sun and breath deeply. Pet your dog or cat.

Alert - I'd like to develop a short book of 5-Minute Marketing Tips. I'd love to hear from you on 5-minute actions you've taken that helped you sell books, set up a media booking, connect with a blogger, get a great testimonial, etc. Email me with your stories and 5-minute tips at I'll share some of the best tips and stories in future issues of this newsletter.

specialty booksellers
Here are a few more specialty retailers who sell books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Cayenne Kitchen, Bill and Terry Nichols, Owners, 372 Main Street, Longmont, Colorado 80501; 720-652-7246. Email: Web: Gourmet store featuring cookbooks, cookware, bakeware, gadgets, gourmet food, and Colorado made food products.

Crawdaddy's Toys, Jerome Crawford, 2850 Arapahoe Road #104, Lafayette, Colorado 80026; 303-926-7144; Fax: 303-926-7146. Email: Web: Local family-owned children's store featuring children's toys, books, and gifts.

Ginger & Pickles, 2628 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado 80304; 303-444-0294. Children's store featuring natural art supplies, wooden toys, organic baby clothing, family games, hard-to-find children's books, and more.

Medu Books, Nia Damali, Owner, Greenbriar Mall, 2841 Greenbriar Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30331; 404-346-3263; Fax: 404-346-0161. Email: Web: Opened in 1989. Specializes in African-American books and gifts.

Miller Music, 464 Main Street, Longmont, Colorado 80501; 303-772-8500. Web: Founded in 1974. Offers musical instruments, lessons, and books.

Shuttles Spindles & Skeins, Judy Steinkoenig and Maggie Casey, Owners, Table Mesa Shopping Center, 635 S Broadway #E, Boulder, Colorado 80305; 303-494-1071; Fax: 303-554-6593. Email: Web: Knitting, weaving, and spinning supplies, books, classes, and more.

Struttin Pup, 2850 Arapahoe #110, Lafayette, Colorado 80026; 303-665-3038. Email: Web: Dog boutique featuring all natural pet foods, toys, beds, gifts, books, and more.

Whole Pets, 2835 Pearl Street #B, Boulder CO 80301; 303-444-4733. Email: Web: Locally-owned pet store featuring whole pet foods, gifts, and books.

Tweets you can use
There are some great book marketing lessons and tips included within these short tweets.

=> How to Make Money with Email Newsletters -

=> Book marketing tip - Author showcase websites:

=> Nick Bilton of New York Times steals books:

Note: It's sad when people think they can copy books willy-nilly (in this case, via smartphone photos) and not have to pay for anything. Bilton and his wife use bookstores as libraries - with no payments to authors or publishers - and no remorse for doing so. Sad.

=> Amazon now selling more Kindle ebooks every month than paperback books and 3 times more than hardcovers.

=> Traffic Geyser special trial offer:

=> 154 Ways to Tweet - (started as 50 ways)

=> Join the 6,234 book authors on the free book marketing social network:

Follow more of John's tweets at

Mail order catalogs
Here are a few mail order catalogs who sell books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, Joe Miller, President, 374 Industrial Park Drive, Boone NC 28607; 828-262-0793: Fax: 828-262-0795; 800-227-2788. Email: Web: Motto: Make more art. Spend less money. Their summer 2010 catalog featured several DVDs: Exciting Color in Everyday Painting, Painting Watercolor My Way.

High Country Gardens, David Salman, Merchandiser, Santa Fe Greenhouses, 2902 Rufino Street, Santa Fe NM 87505-2929; 505-428-7374; 800-925-9387. Email: Web: Motto: Beautiful plants for the waterwise garden. Sells 250 varieties of perennial plants. No books in their 2011 catalogs, but a few books on their website and in their two retail stores in Santa Fe and Albuquerque: Plant-Driven Design, Landscaping for the New Frontier, Designer Plant Combinations, Rainwater Harvesting, The Undaunted Garden, Growing Winter Hardy Cacti.

Open Please Catalog, CRT Associates, 47 Industrial Park Road, P O Box 388, Centerbrook CT 06409-0388; 860-767-4200; Fax: 860-767-4381. Email: Web: Motto: Distinctive gifts for the dental profession. Books: My Loose Tooth, Tooth Tales from Around the World, The Whole Tooth, Throw Your Tooth on the Roof, Tooth Fairy Tales, Career Diary of a Dental Hygienist, Hollywood's Dental Comedy dvd.

Potpourri Catalog, Merchandise Director, Potpourri Holdings, P O Box 3337, Chelmsford MA 01824-0937; 877-758-6929. Email: Web: Motto: Unique gifts for special people. Books in the January 2011 catalog/website: Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, Greatest Moments in Baseball, Greatest Moments in Golf History.

Quotable Books
It's a simple solution. You change one thing, and suddenly you've changed everything. - Rebecca Onie, founder, Health Leads

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