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This data file features an updated list of the largest independent bookstores that work with authors and buy books from indie publishers.

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John Kremer's Book Marketing Tip of the Week

April 21, 2011

The $64,000 Question Day, Blood Sugar Day, Mr. Personality Day, Tuna Rights Day, Maryland Toleration Act Anniversary, Downhill Record Day, Kindergarten Day


In this issue . . .
- Tweets you can use
- Author Success Stories

Tweets you can use
There are some great book marketing lessons and tips included within these short tweets.

=> Quiet bestsellers - - bestselling books not on the NYT list. [Note: I've updated the look-and-feel of my blog to make it simpler, easier to get to the content. Let me know if you like the new look for my blog.]

=> GQ Magazine editors and writers -

=> Book authors and publishers - There are 6,594 members of The Book Marketing Network: Join them today!

=> Viral Videos: Tough to Make, Tough to Get Noticed | -

=> Indexes for Novels - Fact or Fiction? | Ask the Cover Designer -

=> College Textbooks: Tips on Marketing Textbooks -

=> Local Publicity: How to Take a Press Release and Localize It for Maximum Results | -

=> Family Fun Magazine - editors and writers -

=> Independent Booksellers: Free Listings | Ask the Booksellers -

=> Check out new short story: Flip book presentation. I'd appreciate feedback on the story. Thanks.

=> Enjoy whatever phase your baby is in. Something incredible is always ahead, but you can never go back. - Elizabeth Hasselbeck #baby

=> Comic book lovers - keep current on new releases -

=> Online News Releases: 7 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make | Ask the Publicist -

=> 17 Free Publicity and PR Articles | Ask the Publicist -

=> Creative Publicity Works: To the Tune of $300 Million! -

=> I love Kirkus Reviews motto: Because life is too short to read bad books - - or, for that matter, anything else bad

=> Bookstore: Pandemonium Booksellers & Cafe - Wasilla, Alaska | Ask the Booksellers -

=> Book Covers: 7 Basics of a Great Book Cover -

=> BookExpo America: 12 Reasons You Should Attend -

=> BookExpo America: 6 Reasons You Should Exhibit Your Books | -

=> Independent Booksellers: A Listing | Ask the Booksellers - - A beginning

=> Bookstores: A Love Affair with Independent Bookstores -

=> From Bad to Rad: Special Dream -

=> Book Titles: 4 Ways to Come Up with a Great Book Title - -

The above are just some of the tweets I sent out during the past two weeks. What more did you miss? Follow my tweets at

Author Success Stories
Here are a few author success stories that might give you a good idea or inspire you to take action.

Thanks to your LinkedIn post about April 2nd being International Children's Book Day, I decided to contact the key newspaper in our area just east of Toronto, which reaches five different small cities in the Greater Toronto Area. Together we came up with a contest for us to give away my first two novels in our Leaders & Legacies series on Canada's Prime Ministers as teenagers. Not only that, a federal election campaign just started here in Canada and now they've asked me to write five newspaper columns, aimed at youth, about Canadian history and elections. First article:


The scheduled speaker for the evening reached the podium, placed a book on the desk and began: “How many of you authors here tonight know what business you’re in?”

Almost all of the one hundred percent of those listening raised their hands.

“And most of you,” he continued, “assume your business is writing books? Correct?”

“YES,” answered the majority of attendees, about 125 members of the Publicists Association. They were finished with their bimonthly dinner meeting and turned their attention to the man every one had come to hear.

“You’re wrong, friends. You are in the marketing business. Like it or not, you can publish the second coming of Gone with the Wind and it would get nowhere without excellent marketing. Without it, your book is doomed to extinction. So, my friends, I leave this with you: You can either do the marketing yourself if qualified, or pay a professional to do it for you if you want success. Be sure you choose rightly.”

I admit, I have not yet marketed my books successfully in the past even though they are award-winners. I intend to do so in the future by getting into the marketing business full throttle. I know what I have to do and am willing - no - anxious to do it. So I am no more in the Book Business, but in the Marketing Business.

- Dawn Williams, author of the To This Very Day children's picture book series,

John's Comment: Why is this above story a success story? Very simple: The author finally realized that she's in the business of marketing books. She's always been great at creating content (writing books), but now she's ready to do the real job: Sell that content. Share that content.



For his new book, Conspiracy of the Rich, Robert Kiyosaki created a unique website: where he is letting visitors read each chapter of the book as he finishes writing it. In a little over two months, that new website has had over 9 million hits.

Users who register on the site can read each chapter for free and then comment on that chapter or talk about their financial situation. More than 40,000 people have so far registered to do just that.


Here's another author success story, with Marilyn Wedge talking about getting her article accepted for The Huffington Post:

One thing that worked for me was to buy John Kremer's "15,000 Eyeballs Program" and follow the directions. Here’s why. I never would have thought of becoming a blogger for The Huffington Post.

I admire the Huffington Post and read it often, but to be a blogger simply did not cross my mind. Yet there it was, right in John's program, “Lesson 2: Write a blog for the Huffington Post."

I was so interested in this, that I skipped Lesson 1. What have I got to lose? I asked myself. He makes it sound so simple. So I followed John’s directions and wrote the best article I could muster. And it was accepted. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

My book, Suffer the Children: The Case Against Labeling and Medicating and an Effective Alternative, was published two weeks ago. I cannot say for certain that blogging has drawn attention to the book, but I imagine it hasn’t hurt either.

I am a family therapist with twenty years of experience helping children and teens. I wrote this book to offer parents an alternative to medicating their children. The book is easy for parents to read and offers safe, effective solutions for a wide spectrum of childhood woes such as school problems, behavior problems, depression, and anxiety.

- To read more about Marilyn Wedge's book and see the latest reviews, visit the Suffer the Children website at


I just wanted to pass on something I did that I think will get some book sales. The reviews of my book on B&N and Amazon are all 5-star, so I called a local B&N store and talked to the manager about a possible book signing. He checked out my info and scheduled a story time reading for kids plus a book signing! Then I gave the young lady responsible for scheduling a signed copy of the book and asked her to recommend me for similar events at their other stores in the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus areas. She said she would do that! I'm contacting friends, family, local media, schools, and churches about the event to get as good a crowd as possible.

- Check out Frank Swift's book, The Planet Gazimbo, via his website at


When I chose the date for my book release party, the first thing I did was ally with a charity that had something to do with kids. Even though I was not a major entity, it’s amazing how relatively easy it is to get a respected and viable organization (in my case, it was an adolescent obesity program at a prominent children’s hospital) to work with you when you are promising them some money and exposure.

I promised them that I would donate $5 for every book sold during a particular month. I invited friends, customers, family, and the Chamber of Commerce. I did an email blast through the town’s listserve, a press release to the local paper, posted about it on Facebook, and sent email to my current and past fitness clients and prospects. Because of the tie-in with the hospital and the kids, it was easy to get people to be open to come to the event. I even got a local television station to cover the story.

I sold 120 books in a few hours.

- Glenn Marcella, author of Duh, The Workout: Get in the Best Shape of Your Life by Acting Like a Child (

John's Comment: I love the title of his book. I'm ready to exercise. He also has a sub-subtitle to his book: The 50 Most Incredible and Ridiculous Exercises You Must Start Doing ... Again. The exercises in his book include The Temper Tantrum, Tag, Sticky Hands, and The Pillow Fight.


I am attempting to initiate online conversations on topics related to my memoir, What About the Boy? A Father’s Pledge to His Disabled Son. To do this, I have begun writing short blog entries and posting them to my website, Upon posting them, I then announce their existence on my Facebook page and on Twitter.

My book tells the story of how my family responded when our baby failed to achieve any of the usual developmental milestones and, even worse, was clearly in great distress—and when doctors had no recommendations other than psychological counseling for his mother and me. We argued that he was the one in need of help, and we took responsibility for continuing the search until we knew what to do.

My first serious blog entry concerned the rationale for trying to change a child. There are some who debate this issue, saying that “neurological diversity” is a good thing and that it does violence to a child to alter his natural state. Although I disagree, it may be possible for the two sides in this issue to find common ground. I welcomed feedback from all quarters.

The next week, I wrote about gatekeepers, who I describe as being individuals in a position to control our access to what we need. My family found gatekeepers to be an impediment and a worthless part of the equation. We got around them. My blog entry observes that, in the years since our son was little, the role of gatekeepers in many areas of life has become ever more tenuous.

My book is still in production. More specifically, the designer is making final tweaks to the interior layout, after which it will be going to print. Since it is not yet on the market, I cannot claim that this blogging has resulted in sales. However, the objective is to create buzz and present the title to the reading public, in hopes that they will look for it later. Email and Facebook responses are encouraging.

- Stephen Gallup, author of What About the Boy? A Father’s Pledge to His Disabled Son -


For me, the trickiest thing about being a writer is being a writer. I am a cellist – or was – until a rare neurological disorder ended my career. The shadow my illness cast was long, and my confidence in trying something new was short.

Fast forward.

Two years have passed and I’ve met life’s challenges head on. My first novel, Abyss of Chaos, is a fun action/adventure supernatural thriller with mercurial wit. The story begins with cellist Maxwell Sinclair, and his aging archeologist godfather, Dr. Phineas Monroe vacationing in Aksum, Ethiopia. When caught in the crossfire of a terrorist attack on the Old Treasury Building (the supposed resting place of the Ark of the Covenant), the route to safety leads inside. There, the Guardian of the Ark of the Covenant presents Max and Phineas with a prophecy from the Book of the Glory of Kings connecting them to the Ark. Now, it’s a race against time and the forces of evil, which threaten no less than the very fabric of reality.

Fun stuff, except the “very fabric of reality” threatens to “very bury” my book’s visibility on the great plains of promotion. Enter Facebook, something I’d previously always resisted. After all, Facebook never helped me play more in tune. Nevertheless, I took a chance with the “add,” “friend,” and “like” buttons.

I’m glad I did.

Using a simple mass email to a thousand Facebook contacts landed my author page launch ( on Wordpress’ fastest growing blogs, proving it’s never too early to begin promoting your work. I was adding FB friends even while creating the first draft of Abyss – friends who are now my base readership as I take my first steps into a new and exciting industry. Better, if a newbie like me can do it – so can you!

- David Beem is the author of the forthcoming novel, Abyss of Chaos (to be released in September). For more information, check out his website:

John's Comments: Finally a Facebook success story I can believe in - and act upon!

Quotable Books
An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it. - William Bernbach, advertising executive, Doyle Dane Bernbach

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