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Magazine Cover Article

“I thought I would let you know that two weeks ago we secured a 4-page article in Woman's World (with cover). WW has a 1.6 million circulation. Response and sales were not only incredible, it also has provided traction for spin-off marketing. Amazon ranking 100-300 for last two weeks. 800% retail book store increase. Ingram alone reordered 800 copies.

“The title is The Healthy Heart Miracle and the website is You can also see the WW article on our site. Incidentally, this book was a second book of a two-book deal that spun off from our original 20 Gram Diet book that you and I discussed many years ago!” — Steve Eunpu

The Inc. 500: Greenleaf Book Group: #224

Greenleaf Book Group, a book publisher and distributor, just made the Inc. 500 list of America's fastest growing private companies. With a three-year sales growth of 562%, Greenleaf is ranked #224 in this year's Inc. 500 list, announced in the September issue of Inc. magazine.

To be eligible for this year's Inc. 500, companies had to be U.S. based, independent and privately held through their fiscal year 2005, and have had at least $600,000 in net sales in the base year of 2002. In addition, their 2005 sales had to have exceeded 2004 sales. Companies are ranked on cumulative three-year sales growth from 2002 to 2005. Inc. verifies all information using tax forms and audited financial statements from certified public accountants and by conducting interviews with company officials.

Doing Radio Interviews

“On the question of book sales vs magazine mention... Our book Catnip and Kerosene Grass was promoted in two interviews on CBC Radio — one regional (province of Ontario), the other more local (NE Ontario only). Radio is much more immediate than print (you hear it, you react to it), but also much more volatile — if you miss it on radio, it's gone, whereas a printed mention survives and can be read anytime.

“The NE Ontario interview was during afternoon drive and not handled all that well by the host (too rushed, and no mention of our website, for instance) and we got ZERO sales as far as I know, although three independent bookstores agreed ahead of time to carry a few copies of the book on the strength of the upcoming interview.

“On the regional interview, it was a Sunday morning show, twenty minutes of interview and readings, and maybe two mentions of the website. It was well received (they did a followup show the following week because of audience response). We sold about 75 books in the immediate aftermath (about a month) — mostly direct sales from our website (mail-in or PayPal), but a few orders to bookstores (minimum two). And at later face-to-face sales, several people mentioned the interview, so it probably predisposed them to buying, and I know a few bookstores and gift shops took placements later because of it.” — Dan Pernokis, Candlenut Books

Sales from Magazine Mentions

“Just to add the noise about sales and mentions in certain publications, we had three of our Best-Half of Life titles mentioned in about as many sentences in Kiplinger's Retirement Report and got maybe 50 phone orders. Kiplinger really only gave the titles and our 800 number in their brief mention. — Steve Mettee, Quill Driver Books. Call 559-876-2170 or web: — When you decide that you're ready to start dealing with radio stations directly, get Alex Carroll's program. His top radio show database, tapes of dealing with producers, and examples of actual talk shows will help you to become a radio talk show star.

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