Major Newspapers in England

When I attended the ProfitMaker 5 entrepreneurial conference in London in March 1999, I read many newspapers to obtain their editors and reporters. Note that the addresses below are very old at this point. Use them only as a tool for finding out current information, including phone numbers.

Here are the names I found simply by reading the newspapers (Note: it is not a complete list). You can do the same wherever you travel. If you discover others, email them to me (John Kremer) and I will add them to this site.

Whether you are selling a book, product, service, or idea, newspapers are a great outlet for reaching your audience. Most will print reviews, interviews, notices, or feature articles on things they think will interest their audience. Order John Kremer's Do-It-Yourself Book Publicity Kit to find out how to write a good news release (with plenty of samples) plus samples of other items you might want to include in a good press kit.

Note: For dialing to the United Kingdom from the U.S., drop the zero (0) after the 44 in the numbers below. That extra 0 is only necessary when dialing those numbers within the U.K.

Daily Mail

A daily tabloid for the United Kingdom. Send information to the editors at the Daily Mail, Northcliff House, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT United Kingdom; Fax: 44-01948-667-333 or 44-0171-937-7493. Email: Web:

  • Jane Mays, Literary Editor. The Daily Mail regularly outbids every other newspaper for the hottest book serializations. If the Mail features a diet fad or celebrity autobiography it will transform the book's fortunes. Updated March 2006.
  • David Hughes, Political Editor
  • Paul Eastham, Deputy Political Editor
  • John Deans, Chief Political Reporter
  • Gaby Hinsliff, Political Correspondent
  • Ephraim Hardcastle, Columnist (Email: He covers celebrities, including politicians, actors, and businesspeople.
  • Tony Hazell, Editor, Money Mail. Covers personal finance.
  • Margaret Stone, Columnist, Dear Margaret. She answers questions about personal finance and money.
  • Alison Boshoff, Showbusiness Editor
  • Oliver Harvey, Showbusiness Reporter
  • Nigel Dempster, Columnist. He covers celebrity news, especially career moves and business dealings.
  • Lynda Lee-Porter, Entertainment Columnist
  • Sean Poulter, Consumer Affairs Correspondent
  • Tony Halpin, Education Correspondent
  • Rachael Snowden, Femail Style
  • Celia Goodrick-Clarke, Columnist, Recipe of the Day. Features food recipes submitted by readers.
  • Emily Wilson, Medical Reporter
  • Jenny Hope, Medical Correspondent
  • David Derbyshire, Science Correspondent
  • Peter Paterson, Television Reviewer
  • David McDonnell, Golf Correspondent
  • Richard Bott, Rugby Correspondent

The Daily Telegraph

This daily newspaper for the United Kingdom is now one of the two major papers in the U.K. Send information to the editors at The Daily Telegraph, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5DT United Kingdom; 44-0171-538-5000; Fax: 44-0171-538-6759; Letters Fax: 44-0171-538-6455. Letters Email: Web:

  • Simon Davis, Peterborough Editor (Email: He covers humorous bits of news.
  • Sue Clough, Courts Correspondent (law)
  • John Keegan, Defence Editor
  • Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor
  • George Jones, Political Editor
  • Robert Shrimsley, Chief Political Correspondent
  • Paul Marston, Transport Correspondent
  • John Clare, Education Editor
  • Liz Lightfoot, Education Correspondent
  • Roger Highfield, Science Editor. He covers technology, medicine and psychology as well.
  • James Le Fanu, Columnist, Doctor's Diary (covers health and medicine questions)
  • Aisling Irwin, Medical Correspondent
  • Charles Clover, Environment Editor
  • David Brown, Agriculture Editor


  • Roland Gribben, Business Editor
  • Neil Collins, City Editor (Salters Hall, 4 Fore Street, London EC2Y 5DT United Kingdom; 0171-538-5000; Fax: 0171-628-0343; Email: The City Diary features interesting items about businesspeople.
  • Anne Segall, Economics Correspondent
  • Charlotte Beugge, Investment Correspondent
  • Dominic Mills, Columnist, Adhoc (advertising news)
  • Michael Becket, Editor, Business File (0171-538-5000; Fax: 0171-628-0343. Web: Covers careers.
  • Alison Eadie, Columnist, Management Matters

Connected (weekly computer section; Email:

  • Roger Uhlig, Technology Correspondent
  • Kulwinder Singh Rai covers new products.
  • Jim Davies covers new home technology.
  • Paul Forster covers health technology.
  • Peter Cochrane, Columnist, Hard Drive. He covers computer hardware and software.
  • Rick Maybury, Columnist, Back to Basics. He covers computer hardware and software for beginners.
  • Steve Boxer, Games Correspondent
  • Richard Longhurst, Editor, Netlife (Email: He covers interesting Internet web sites.


  • Jessica Callan, Entertainment Reporter
  • Giles Worsley, Architecture Correspondent
  • Richard Dorment, Arts Correspondent
  • Nigel Reynolds, Arts Correspondent
  • Tom Leonard, Media Correspondent
  • Norman Lebrecht, On Music
  • Neil McCormick, On Pop
  • James Walton, Television
  • Charles Spencer, Theater Critic


  • Alan Smith, Equestrian Reporter
  • Henry Winter, Football Correspondent (soccer)
  • Paul Hayward, Football (soccer)
  • Pat Phillips, Hockey Reporter
  • Sandra Stevenson, Ice Skating Reporter
  • Richard Evans, Racing Reporter (horse racing)
  • Marcus Lee, Rallying Reporter (automobile racing)
  • Brendan Gallagher, Rugby Reporter
  • Tim Jeffrey, Yachting Reporter

Financial Times

Along with the Wall Street Journal, this is probably the most important financial newspaper in the world. Financial Times, One Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HL United Kingdom; 44-171-873-3000; Fax: 44-171-407-5700; Letters Fax: 44-171-873-5938. Email: Web: In the issue I saw, they featured an excerpt (extract) from Bill Gates' Business @ the Speed of Thought. Books featured in the newspaper are available through the FT Bookshop, 250 Western Avenue, London W3 6EE England; 44-181-324-5597; Fax: 44-181-324-5678. Email:

  • George Graham, Banking Editor
  • Richard Waters, Columnist, Global Investor (works out of New York City)
  • John Willman, Consumer Industries Editor
  • Katharine Campbell, Growing Business Correspondent
  • Della Bradshaw, Business Education reporter
  • Lucy Kellaway, columnist, Business Manners and Management
  • Bob Vincent, Compiler, FT Guide to the Week (Fax: 44-171-873-3196). Provides an overview of the week's events to come.
  • Michael Holman, Africa Editor
  • Giles MacDonogh, Wine Correspondent
  • William Hall, Tourism Correspondent
  • Andrew Clark, Culture Correspondent

The Guardian

Send information to the editors at The Guardian, 119 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3ER United Kingdom; 44-0171-278-2332; Fax: 44-0171-837-2114 or 44-0171-833-8342 or 44-0171-239-9935. In Manchester: 164 Deansgate, Manchester M60 2RR; 44-0161-832-7200; Fax: 44-0161-832-5351 and 44-0161-834-9717. Web:

Any books reviewed in the newspaper is also made available for sale through the Guardian CultureShop, 250 Western Avenue, London W3 6EE England.

  • Letters fax: 44-0171-837-4530; Email:
  • Joseph Harker, Notes & Queries (Email: He provides answers to readers' questions on all sorts of subjects.
  • Book Editor. Email:,
    • Sarah Crown
    • Richard Lea
    • Michelle Pauli
  • Duncan Campbell, Crime Correspondent
  • Ian Black, Diplomatic Editor
  • Alan Travis, Home Affairs Editor
  • Marcel Berlins, Columnist, Writ Large (on law)
  • Michael White, Political Editor
  • Ewen MacAskill, Chief Political Correspondent
  • David Brindle, Social Services Correspondent
  • Keith Harper, Transport Editor
  • John Vidal, Environment Correspondent
  • Hilary Bower, Health Editor
  • Sarah Boseley, Health Correspondent


  • Paul Murphy, Executive Financial Editor (0171-239-9610; Fax: 0171-833-4456)
  • Alex Brummer, Financial Editor
  • Edmond Warner, World Markets Correspondent
  • Chris Barrie, Media Business Correspondent
  • Rachel Simpson, Enterprise Correspondent (covers small businesses)

Education (published weekly, Fax: 0171-239-9933; Email:; Web:

  • Julia Eccleshare, Education Correspondent. Has covered book stories, including The Guardian's children's fiction award.
  • Rebecca Smithers, Education Correspondent
  • Peter Kingston, Columnist, Pick of the Week. He features the best educational TV shows and web sites each week.
  • Marina Cantacuzino and Michele Kirsch, Parenting Correspondents


  • John Fordham, Jazz
  • Sandy Smithies, Television
  • Claire Armitstead, Literary Editor (12/04).


This is a free newspaper distributed in London. Send information to the editors at the London Metro, Surrey Quays Road, Rotherhithe, London SE16 1PJ United Kingdom; General: 44-0171-651-5200; News: 44-0171-651-5233; Fax: 44-0171-651-5243. Email: or Web:

  • Claire Allfree reveiwed a book (Jonathan Rutherford's I Am No Longer Myself Without You), but she also reviews music and multimedia presentations.

The Mirror

A daily tabloid for the United Kingdom. Send information for the editors at The Mirror, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP United Kingdom; 44-0171-293-3821 (London); 44-0161-683-6402 (Manchester). Email: Web:

  • Jo Dipple, Letters Editor (Fax: 44-0171-293-3975; Email:
  • Richard Garner, Education Correspondent
  • Mark Dowdney, Foreign Editor
  • Kevin Maguire, Political Editor
  • Paul Routledge, Political Correspondent
  • Jo Dillon, Political Correspondent
  • John Husband, Editor, Mirror Money (personal finance)
  • Anil Bhoyrul and James Hipwell, Columnists, City Slickers. Features news and gossip about businesspeople and businesses.
  • Debra Allcock, Columnist, Helpdesk. She answers questions on careers.
  • Carol Vorderman, Columnist, Email: Features stories on the Internet, including interesting web sites.
  • Richard Wallace, Showbusiness Editor
  • Sue Carroll, Gossip Columnist (Email: Features stories about celebrities.
  • Matthew Wright, Gossip Columnist (0171-293-3950; Email: Or send stories about famous people as well to Polly Graham or James Scott.
  • Marty Smith, Movie Watch
  • Charlie Catchpole, TV Columnist
  • Dr. Miriam Stoppard, Columnist, Dear Miriam. She provides advice on personal matters.
  • David Pilditch, Millennium Reporter. Features stories on the coming millennium.
  • Harry Harris, Chief Football Writer (soccer)
  • Charles Fawcus, Racing Correspondent (horse racing)

The Observer

The Sun

A daily tabloid for the United Kingdom. Send information to the editors at The Sun, P O Box 487, Virginia Street, London E1 9BW United Kingdom; 44-0171-782-4056; Fax: 44-0171-782-4170. Email: Web:

  • Sue Cook, The Sun Letters Editor
  • Trevor Kavanagh, Political Editor
  • George Pascoe-Watson, Deputy Political Editor
  • Deidre Sanders, Columnist, Dear Deidre (Deidre Sanders, The Sun, Freepost, Box 488, London E1 9BZ United Kingdom; Email: Deidre is the Dear Abby of England.
  • Dominic Mohan, Columnist, Dominic Mohan's Bizarre (0171-782-4036; Fax: 0171-782-4350; Email: He covers show business celebrities and gossip.
  • Rav Singh also helps write the above column.
  • Jane Moore, Show Business Reporter (Email: She covers show business news.
  • Christine Smith, TV News Editor
  • Catherine Westwood, Fashion Writer
  • Paul Thompson, Royal Reporter
  • Mike Bull, Reporter, Sun Money (their weekly personal finance section)

The Times

The Times is the major newspaper in the United Kingdom, although the Daily Telegraph is challenging it. Send information to the editors at the The Times, 1 Pennington Street, London E1 9XN United Kingdom; 44-0171-782-5000; Fax: 44-0171-782-5046. Email: Web:

  • Stewart Tendler, Crime Correspondent
  • Michael Evans, Defence Editor
  • Frances Gibb, Legal Correspondent
  • Philip Webster, Political Editor
  • Peter Riddell, On Politics
  • Matthew Parris, Political Sketch
  • Alexandra Frean, Social Affairs Correspondent
  • Nick Nuthall, Environment Correspondent (also covers technology)
  • Ian Murray, Medical Correspondent
  • Nigel Hawkes, Science Editor, Science Briefing
  • Alexandra Frean, Social Affairs Correspondent (social issues)
  • Rachel Kelly, Homes Correspondent


Among other things, the business section of The Times solicits short editorial opinions from companies in their daily Megaphone feature. Web:

  • Patience Wheatcroft, Business Editor
  • Alasdair Murray, Economics Correspondent
  • Martin Waller, The Times City Diary (Email: Features stories about businesspeople.
  • Henrietta Lake, Editor, In Business (Email:
  • Anne Ashworth, Personal Finance Editor
  • Amanda Loose, Reporter, Créme de la Créme (0171-680-6806; Fax: 0171-782-7899). Features information on careers and jobs.
  • Caroline Merrill, Banking Correspondent
  • Carol Mortished, International Business Correspondent
  • Michael Clark, Stock Market
  • Arthur Leathley, Transport Correspondent
  • Alan Coops, Editor, Inter//face// (0171-782-5010; Fax: 0171-782-5013; Email: Features technology reviews and news.
  • Eve-Ann Prentice and Ben Hammersley, Technology Writers
  • Nigel Powell reviewed Bill Gate's Business @ the Speed of Thought

Entertainment & Arts

  • Richard Morrison, Architecture
  • Richard Cork, Art
  • Erica Wagner, Books
  • Alex O'Connell, Books (in short), features short notices and reviews of books
  • Carol Midgley, Media Correspondent
  • Richard Morrison, Music
  • Rodney Milnes, Opera
  • James Christopher and Lesley O'Toole, Movies
  • Joe Joseph, TV Reviewer


  • Sarah Potter, Sports Columnist
  • Sri Kumar Sen, Boxing Correspondent
  • Robert Sheehan, Bridge Correspondent
  • Raymond Keene, Chess Correspondent
  • Oliver Holt, Football Correspondent (soccer)
  • John Hopkins, Golf Correspondent
  • Alan Lee, Racing Correspondent (horse racing)
  • David Hands, Rugby Correspondent

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