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Top 12 Online Video Creation Tools

Animoto: - Allows you to create slideshow videos using images and music you submit. If you want to create an engaging video with just images and music (or talk), this service gets it done fast (that is, the creation is very simple, the downloading and rendering take longer). They limit you to a 30-second video for free. To create longer videos, you have to pay $30 per year for unlimited video creation and download. Save $5 by clicking on the above graphic.

Article Video Robot: johnkremer - Cut and paste an article into this website and it converts it into a video so you can distribute the article as a video. Simple to use. $47 per month for 50 videos. Automatically distributed to 17 video sites.

Flip Clips: - This site allows users to create flip books from their home videos. The printed flip books cost from $18.00 to about $28.00 depending on size and number of movie stills. A neat way to use new technology to create an old-style technology.

Jing: - This free downloadable software allows users to record video of onscreen action and then share it instantly over the Internet, IM, or email. For $14.95 per year, you can get JingPro, with more features.

Kizoa: - A photo editor and slideshow maker. You can make slideshow videos with music and many effects and then insert the video into your blog or website, burn to a DVD, or share with others.

Masher: - Use this online video-editing and messaging tool to make a video in minutes by mashing together photos, video clips, music, special effects, transitions, and more.

Oovoo: - Supports video chats with up to 6 people, share your screen, tweet invites, and record videoconferences. Free for two-way chats; $39.95 per month per user for more.

SmileBox: - Allows users to make photos come alive inside slideshows, photobooks, and scrapbooks. You can, for example, share your vacation photos in a slideshow complete with captions and music. Choose a design and add photos, videos, words, and music to create a video you can share, email, print, or blog about.

Stupeflix Studio: - Allows you to create 60-second videos with photos, music, video, and text. Alexa rank: 71,867 in December 2010.

Treepodia: - This service will take an xml feed of your products and automatically produce a series of videos from them. And then upload the videos to various video-sharing websites.

Ustream TV: - A platform that provides live interactive video for everyone. Anyone with a camera and an Internet connection can broadcast live to a global audience. You can
create an unlimited number of shows. A built-in chat room enables interactive broadcasting.

Zentaton: - Allows you to link your YouTube video to a PowerPoint presentation and sync them together for a full visual presentation.

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