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Top 100 Video Sharing Websites

This page features the top 100 video sharing websites as well as websites that allow you to create and edit videos and slideshows. If you'd like to nominate a video sharing website for this page, email John Kremer. Thanks for your support. - John Kremer, host of the Ten Million Eyeballs Events

Video Sharing Websites

Magg: - Aggregates the latest and greatest movies from various video websites.

Magix Online Album: - Allows you to create an online album to share photos and movies with your friends. - This site allows you to create your own video channel that can be featured on your website. It currently features 27,234 channels with 298,358 videos. provides templates and admin tools to customize your video pages on your site via their hosting; integrates popular video hosts; provides upload, storage, and bandwidth free; and shares ad revenue with you. You can create pages with drag and drop ease, use widgets to drive traffic, and get peer review and comments.

Make Internet TV: - This creative commons site teaches anyone how to make Internet videos: Get the right equipment, shooting audio/video, editing, licensing, publishing, and promoting videos.

The Manifest-Station: - Features mind-body-spirit videos, audios, articles, and more. Open to new content providers. Also allows you to sell downloadable audios and videos. Alexa rank: 1,098,088 in October 2010.

Masher: - Use this online video-editing and messaging tool to make a video in minutes by mashing together photos, video clips, music, special effects, transitions, and more.

Meep: - A Firefox toolbar add-in that lets users search for videos by music genre (or TV shows, funny clips, etc), watch them online, send the videos via email, or save them as a video clip or a simple mp3. Alexa rank: 178,516 in August 2010.

MeFeedia: - A web video and podcast search engine. Search by subject. You can add your videos to their search site. Or better yet, add your MRSS feeds. Can't find those pesky MRSS and podcast feeds? Here are some tips:




  • date&media=audio&media=video&media=image

MegaVideo: - Features a wide variety of video categories: video games, sports, arts and entertainment, and more. Alexa rank: 85 in July 2010.

Mejuba: - Allows you to share videos and photos with family and friends. You can even upload a folder of photos or videos (thus creating an album). You can create public or private albums. Private albums can only be viewed by invitation. Alexa rank: 1,065,531 in July 2010.

Memoov: - Allows you to create animated movies using their set of tools and resources. Start by choosing the scene, then the characters and then pick the expression. Also decide the way you want the character to move and add your voice. Cool.

MetaCafe: - Motto: Serving the world's best videos: “We specialize in short-form original content - from new, emerging talents and established Hollywood heavyweights alike.” Videos are user-generated, user-selected, user-reviewed and user-rewarded. Via their Producer Rewards program, you can get paid for every time someone views your video. 25 million visitors each month. Their submission rules provide superb useful guidelines for creating and sharing videos: Note: Videos in their Producers Reward program cannot be too topical or include URLs to other websites.

MetaTube: - A metasearch engine that searches more than 100 video-sharing websites at once. A really useful tool for locating special interest videos or searching for yourself (or your competitors) on various video websites.

Microsoft Sites: - 149 million videos viewed each month (1.6% market share). 18.8 million unique viewers in July 2007.

Microsoft Soapbox on MSN: - Allows many options for uploading videos and integrates with MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces, RSS feeds, Media Center PC, etc.

MindBites: - Features of thousands of how-to video tutorials. You can sell your how-to videos here as well as on your website and via the iPhone. Alexa rank: 112,516 in September 2010.

Mind Tube: - A relatively new video-sharing website. Motto: Educate, inspire, enrich, hot videos. Categories: personal development, education. Their welcome message:

Welcome to where we are absolutely passionate about the ability of web media to effectively teach any subject under the sun and for that information to be freely available and accessible . We've gathered some of the hottest videos in personal development and education subjects , with an ever increasing group of experts submitting to the community we are looking fore ward to offering an expanded selection of channels and broadening the catalog of available videos.

Miro: - Allows you to set up a subscription channel for your HD video podcasts. Alexa rank: 28,182 in August 2010.

Mixpo: - Motto: Videos for business. This site allows you to create VideoAds with photos, videos, and music. “A VideoAd is a dynamic ad unit that helps you market your business more effectively online. Generate brand response with the call-to-action buttons built right into the player. You can have a unique website url, phone number and email address linked from each VideoAd for effective lead generation. VideoAds are 100% built for business.” Alexa rank: 204,286 on May 1st.

MocoSpace: - Photo, music, and video sharing via your mobile phone. Also blogs, chat, IM, and more. Two million members. Alexa rank: 3,250.

Modern Feed: - Calls itself the hands-down easiest way to find and watch full-length programming online. Features many TV shows from major and minor networks.

Mogulus: - Allows users to broadcast live online with any USB or DV camera, mixing multiple cameras and clips in real time. 100,000+ viewers can watch and chat together. Offers free or pro (paid) channels. Users can stream live using a mobile phone camera.

MonkeySee: - Features how-to videos from experts. To become an expert to submit videos to this site, see Alexa rank: 39,234 in September 2010.

MotionBox: - Allows you to upload and edit your videos. Then share them. “Motionbox makes it easy to upload, organize, enhance, and share your personal videos with family, friends & groups.” Alexa rank: 20,335 on May 1st.

Movski: - This site allows you to watch more than 3,000 movies without downloading anything.

MSN Video: - The MSN video sharing network. - This online pet store has launched a social network called Online Pet Park where they allow users to share videos of their pets in action.

Muvee: - Muvee Reveal allows users to quickly create videos featuring video, photos, music, audio, etc. Free 15-day trial. $70 to buy.

My DigiTV: - Free unlimited storage and streaming of user videos. Also features over 100 TV and radio stations from around the world. Also features forums, blogs, and favs to create a community portal.

My EduTube: - A video-sharing website for the higher education community. Educational videos only.

MyProducerTV: - A social network for independent film producers. Alexa rank: 759,342 on April 20th.

MySpace TV: or The video-sharing pages from MySpace. After YouTube, MySpace Video probably gives you access to the widest audience for your videos. 55 million unique viewers in May 2008. They support the widest range of video file types. Page rank of 7.

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