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Below are the current websites created, designed, and maintained by John Kremer. Some are commercial sites. Some are hobby sites. Some are simply experiments. I have more websites in the works. Explore and enjoy. - This incredible website for authors, self-publishers, and publishers who want to better market their books. Alexa rank: 86,781 in December 2012.

All Books Free - A website featuring free novels, short story collections, poetry books, and children's books. Alexa rank: 1,666,908 in December 2012.

Ask John Kremer - A Q&A website where I answer questions. If you want me to answer a book marketing question, go to the Ask John Kremer website. Alexa rank: 934,123 in December 2012.

Ask the Book Printer - A new website featuring articles and answers from book printers and John Kremer on book printing, print-on-demand, and self-publishing. Alexa: 2,049,690 in September 2012.

Ask the Booksellers - A new website featuring articles and answers from and for booksellers on hooking up with bookstores, creating special events, and selling more books. Provides key contact information for the top independent bookstores so authors can sell them books, set up book signings, and alert them to media coverage in their local area. Alexa rank: 1,087,415 in September 2012.

Ask the Cover Designer - A new website featuring articles and answers from book cover designers and John Kremer on book covers, interior design, books titles, and related subjects. Alexa rank: 1,851,787 in September 2012.

Ask The Publicist - A new website featuring articles and answers from book publicists - and John Kremer - on book publicity, PR, public relations, and book promotion. Alexa rank: 2,570,075 in December 2012.

The Book Marketing Network - A social network for book authors, book publishers, self-publishers, ebook authors, and others interested in book publishing. It is hosted by and founded by John Kremer, but it is a social and learning network run by its participants, more than 6,800 so far and growing. Alexa rank: 188,851 in January 2013.

Book Marketing Bestsellers - My new book marketing website. Alexa rank: 208,873 in January 2013.

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips - A new hobby site devoted to losing weight and getting fit using tips from celebrities. - The website that features information from the National Special Events Registry and the Celebrate Today Special Events data files. Alexa rank: 3,194,444 in January 2013.

College Drop-Outs Hall of Fame - A website to celebrate those people who did not graduate from high school or college. Alexa rank: 1,261,312 in January 2013.

Free Books for All - A website featuring free nonfiction books: business, self-help, how-to, social issues, cookbooks, travel books, and many more. Alexa rank: 2,840,750 in December 2012.

Hot Times, Cool Places - A travel trivia hobby website. Alexa rank: 2,231,500 in January 2013.

Infographic a Day - All about the new infographics that are especially hot on Pinterest and Facebook. Alexa rank: 155,169 in January 2013. - Features spotlights on magazines, TV, radio, newspapers, syndicated columns, online PR, and other media. But primarily magazine editors. Alexa rank: 390,627 in January 2013.

Many Happy New Years - Learn how to celebrate New Year's Day every month of the year!  Alexa rank: 25,441,395 in December 2012. - A whimsical website I started in August 2011. Alexa rank: 289,748 in January, 2013.

Quotable Books - This website features several dozen books of quotations unlike any other quote books you've seen before. Pages feature sample quotes from each book. Plus, of course, the opportunity to download the ebooks. Alexa rank: 1,823,252 in January 2013. - An affiliate link promoting the radio program by Alex Carroll. If you chose to promote your books via radio interviews, check out this link.

The Self-Publishing Hall of Fame - The beginning of a true hall of fame for authors who successful self-published. About 30 people are listed so far. A much larger list, but not as detailed in each listing, can be found at The official repository for the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame is the ebook version (at least until I've completed this website).  Alexa rank: unranked in September 2012. Not actively update site. See the page.

Ebook: - An Internet marketing program that will show you how to generate more than 10 million impressions for your book, website, name, service, cause, or idea. Alexa rank: 4,175,209 in September 2012.

My Blogs

Book Marketing Bestsellers Blog - My blog that features tips, ideas, stories, examples, programs, etc. related to marketing your books. You can subscribe to this blog as an email newsletter via FeedBlitz.

Book Marketing Network Blog - A blog I write as part of the Book Marketing Network.

Teleseminars & Free Reports - A blog featuring free teleseminars and reports. Not active.

Hot Times, Cool Places Blog - My blog related to my travel trivia hobby website.

John Kremer's Blog - John Kremer's Amazon page.

John Kremer on - My profile page for this guest blogging network.

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