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“One thing is certain. Kremer is a walking book-marketing college. Between his book, his website and his newsletters, it is possible to be as educated as any MBA in the book trade, for only a few dollars. Of all the books I have ever bought in my life (and of the many that I have borrowed or received as gifts), this is the most valuable book I own.” — David Rozansky, publisher, Flying Pen Press

“John Kremer has helped a lot of us in the book industry. is a very wonderfully resourceful tool for anyone who is an author, publisher, printer, book publicist, book promoter, or seller. He's done an excellent job compiling good, useful information that allows us all to grow exponentially. ” — Kennetta Wainwright, CEO, Redbone Book Management

“ has been a great tool for me as a new author, as it contains a wealth of information about book publishing, marketing, and publicity. I have found many listings for book publishers, newspapers, and magazines. All listings include contact information and helpful tips on what each editor is currently looking for. On top of what I find on the website, I also receive a newsletter that keeps me up to date on changes and opportunities in the publishing world. I am not only a fan of his website I am also a success story. My first book, The Truth Lies in the Dark, has just been released on November 3, 2008. I continue to visit the website for tips on marketing after publishing.” — Kristin Callender, author

“ is truly a resource for writers and others in the book publishing and marketing business. I recommend it highly.” — Scott Lorenz, president, Westwind Communications

“I recently had an occasion to visit your website and it is, without doubt, the best marketing website (publishing or otherwise) in terms of in-depth, practical information ready for instant use. From reviewers to podcasts on marketing, this is truly the one-stop website that no one involved in publishing should miss.” — Tom Woll, president, Cross River Publishing Consultants

“ is my go-to site for resources, and I also share his site with all my book marketing clients. He has writing tips, publishing tips, resources of all kinds including training and tools, the Self Publishing Hall of Fame, and so much more. I also appreciate his weekly update.” — Ronda Del Boxxio, The Story Lady

“I am a new author and I love your web site. It's a great place for any kind of information you may be looking for. I would suggest this site to anyone.” — Rhonda Empson, author of Only In My Dreams

“I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your site. I found you quite by accident, and in looking through it, I found your list of the best independent book publishers. I sent a query to eight of them, and not only received good responses, but eventually signed a contract with one, Pruett Publishing. Mr. Pruett and his staff have been everything I've dreamed of, and we've created a wonderful partnership for the production of my book. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a published author.” — Lin Rampey

“Just wanted to let you know that I just spent over $500.00 with you on your website and I feel that I already have gotten my money's worth from the information and links that you provide. Just from a few hours on your website I feel your honesty. Blessings and vision,” — kyle donovan, theWanaBees

“Just wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful job you do for authors! I have been blessed and encouraged by your advice, wisdom and steadfast belief that authors can achieve their dreams. Your work is important to so many of us, and you are a treasured member of the writing community.” — Ginger Garrett, author of Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther

“This site is especially helpful to self-published authors. It is concise, informative and thorough...all the nuts and bolts of publishing and marketing books.” — Dorothy Neddermeyer

“I really love this site. The content is practical and incredibly useful. I don't know of any other source so informative for book marketing on the net. I have used alot of the tips, John Kremer gives out through his newsletters and the links to his sight have been fast and enormously helpful. For us who are marketing new books on a tight budget this is the place!!!” — Iaswan

“This is what the internet is supposed to be — a great source of very useful information, updated, useful, organized — and free. Great for inspiration from an expert in the field. Nuts-and-bolts stuff.” — Jim Gibson

“This is a terrific site! As a new small publisher, I check every article and link in the newsletter. I'm never disappointed. If I can't use the info immediately, I save it and refer back. It's ALL useful information without the self-promo stuff. I also find the site very encouraging for somebody new to the business. It ain't easy, but it's fun!” — Blue Finch

“I like Mr. Kremer's site a lot. I have been following him closely for many months now and he has never let me down. He loves his work, works very hard at it, and makes sure his information is the very best possible. I am difficult to please, so my remarks here surprises even myself a little. I'm sure when I want something done right, Mr. Kremer will be the perfect one to do it. He cares deeply about his reputation, and that is everything in this sometimes crazy world.” — Michael W. Eliseuson

“Even thought I have been publishing since the l960s and have over a hundred titles under my belt, John Kremer knows more about publishing then just about anyone else — and is willing to share his knowledge and contacts with others for a reasonable price (sometimes for nothing). This web site is a MUST for small publishers, especially those getting started who may not know which way to turn.” — Timothy Beckley, President, Global Communications

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